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Berlin is not so far from Hamburg, you might want to try Hochschule der Kuenste

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I am looking for help with anyone who has had experience dancing in Germany. My 14 yr old dd was just notified that she was accepted in the Mannheim University of Music and Permorming Arts (Staatliche Hochschule) in the top level before university. She did not audition in person, but via video. We sent the same video to Balletschule Hamburg and the John Cranko Schule in Stuttgart. We have heard that Hamburg would like her to audition in person. They were not "convinced" about her feet. Don't know why as her primary teacher her thinks that is a strange! Nothing back from Cranko yet.


I have so many questions about the schools. Her father and I visited the Hamburg school and Mannheim school in November. They both had beautiful facilities. We felt the dancing (in the classes we observed) was high quality, yet different. Hamburg was more nuturing and small. Mannheim had more dancers and seemed more strict, yet as a whole extremely good. Unfortunately the time we were in Germany the Cranko school was unavailable to visit.


If anyone has first hand knowledge of the schools if would be helpful. We are most likely moving as a family to Germany and would like our very motivated dd to be on the same continent as we are. She can go to boarding school here, but would be our last choice.


Thanks for the input in advance from anyone! Making the right decisions (or at least the best possible decision) is SOOOO difficult. :offtopic:

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There is a thread below titled 'Stuttgart Ballet's John Cranko School and the Zurcher Ballett Scho' that may give you some of the info you seek.


My dd attended the Cranko School several years ago. The teacher she had for her two years there is no longer teaching but I will answer any questions you may have as best I can.


DD is now with the Stuttgart Ballet and has been since her days at the school.



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Thank you both for the fast replies. I am doing as much research as possible and look forward to hearing anything else.



CDM we haven't heard from the Cranko School, but should soon as they did confirm last week they received the video. If dd gets an acceptance there I would love to ask questions.


Thanks BW for the link. I have read thoroghly all the links for any school in the country and based our first trip out on the information I found from the schools web sites and brochures. Now I am in the process of trying to gather first hand knowledge of the programs.


We are fortunate in America to have so many high quality ballet schools in almost any large city. The same cannot be said in Germany. I do realize the size of the country is not even comparable to ours, but the opportunities are limited there and more available here. In this area alone (DC) there are three schools within 45 minutes that have teachers and students with outstanding reputations.


I welcome anymore comments based on first hand, second hand, or anything! Thank YOU!! :offtopic:

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Silver Penny, we have at least two German members here on the board. I hope that one, or both, may come on over the next day or so and be able to offer you some help. :offtopic:

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Currently, I am abroad - in Germany indeed - but back to London next week. Maybe you want to PM me if you have any specific questions?

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Dance Scholar London


Unfortunately I don't have PM capabilities yet as I am just starting to post instead of just read! My daughter does, would it be alright for her to ask questions? Do you have information about the Mannheim school as far as the level of training? I am wondering if it is geared more toward the ballet degree and teaching rather than training for professional dance companies. If any one else knows this, please feel free to give any information. I am feeling overwhelmed with this decision. :yes:



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You both have allowed emails in your profiles...perhaps you might want to choose that method? Silver Penny, since you're still relatively "new", I'm not sure if you can access someone else's profile in order to use this method. On the How To Do Things forum, there is a sticky about emailing via the board, that explains the ramifications of using it. Or, maybe you can continue your conversation online here? :yes: I don't blame you for wanting as much information as possible - it's a big move, to be sure.


**I now remember that one has to be a full member in order to access profiles, etc., and use the email function, as well as the Private Message functions. :) Silver Penny you will need to reach 30 posts in order to do this. See my post below.

Edited by BW
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Feel free to email me, however, it will probably take some days for me to get back to you as I am currently abroad and when I am back in London I will have to mark BA dissertations.

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Thanks DSL I will email this week if I can figure it out. That is my job tomorrow.I appreciate any insight.


Any one else out there who has information we would appreciate it..





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Mannheim is certainly not a big name like the Cranko School (Stuttgart), Neumeier School (Hamburg), The Ballet School of Berlin State Opera (Berlin) or Heinz Bosl Foundation (Munich).

The ballet education in Mannheim is part of the performing arts track of the local university for the Arts in that city and is thus not a private institute like Neumeier, Bosl or Cranko.

The ballet education in German Art universities varies greatly from city to city- some are kept on a really basic level but there are some that reach top notch quality coming close to big names like Bosl, Cranko or Berlin State Opera Ballet School.

I do not have detailed information about Mannheim- however I have the feeling it may be a good and solid ballet education- though to be honest it does not have a big name in the ballet world.

She will graduate with a Bachelors degree ("diploma") in dance just as she would in the big name schools mentioned- except for Berlin Ballet School that gives the children the opportunity to continue their regular schooling besides the ballet training.

At Berlin Ballet School the students graduate with a diploma in dance PLUS the german college final degree ("Abitur") which does enable the student to get into another field of education (e.g. attending university) in case their dance career ends prematurely for whatever reason.

So Berlin Ballet School offers excellent top notch ballet training but in addition it leaves doors open to their students for a second career outside the ballet world which is something very valuable and special. Try to have her audition for Berlin too if possible!


I would say Mannheim is O.K. (especially if the facilities and the faculty are decent) but if your DD could get into the big name schools like Neumeier, Berlin, Cranko or Bosl it certainly would be a big bonus for her and absolute top level ballet training.


Munich (Bosl): http://www.heinz-bosl-foundation.com/


Berlin: contact:

Ms. Jutta Mücke

phone: +49 (30) 405 779 - 70

e-mail: info@ballettschule-berlin.de






Cranko and Neumeier you have checked already.


Good luck for your DD!!! :huh::wink:


Shulie :angry:

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shulie, I believe Silver Penny's daughter is about 13 years old - I'm not sure if you were aware of that or not...don't know if that has any impact on your advice/information or not.

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In that case of her being really young I would strongly recommend Berlin- I find it so important to have many doors open in case the ballet career can not be pursued.

Berlin Ballet School would give her a top notch ballet education and the possibility to continue going to school and graduating which is priceless for such a young person. She would have both options open- the professional dancer and any other education she desires beside dancing if the dancing career fails.

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