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In Vaganova schooling it it is quite common to find a teacher working on a set class for a few weeks. There are many obvious reasons why this is found to be beneficial. One reason which is often passed over is the fact that ballet dancers will always be repeating their work in rehearsal and on stage. This way of instruction helps the students also to discipline themselves from an early age to think about their work outside of class. This is an important ingredient for a professional dancer. A skilled teacher will help the students to keep the work fresh and interesting.

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Please congratulate your daughter. :party: I think one of the best ways to decide if you might like Dr Hoch's, is the same as you did in Mannheim. Go a few weeks and see if it is the best fit for your dd. Both Mannheim and Hamburg suggested this to me about our dd. They will also be able to see if your dd is in the right place. The only way to see if you like if may be from your dd. I know that YOU are more schooled in ballet than most parents, but ultimately it is up to your dd. I am so pleased to know you have found a top notch school that will accept and work with your dd. It was our nightmare that this may not work the same for our dd. Now that she is secured at least for one year we feel better. She will also go to Hamburg during the year, and Munich to take classes and see if when she is older those schools will fit. I know you must be relieved to find one after your long search.


Again, KUDOS to your dd! I am so glad your diligent work has paid off. Please keep us informed as to your decision. I have not heard back from you regarding a Saturday class! My dd will be in Germany in August after her two SI's. I am looking forward to meeting you all again! :huepfen:

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I add congratualtions as well! I would also second what Silver Penny said about the importance of taking class at the school or schools you are considering. Video auditions are not the best and acceptances particularily from a video can be on a three month probationary basis so you want to make sure that your dancer will feel comfortable fairly quickly especially if they will be going on their own.

Another very helpful part of making your decision is to actually see the company or companies affiliated with the schools you are considering perform if at all possible. That is quite often much easier to accomplish than you would think given the number of performances done in a year by the European companies. :blink:

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Again, KUDOS to your dd! I am so glad your diligent work has paid off. Please keep us informed as to your decision. I have not heard back from you regarding a Saturday class! My dd will be in Germany in August after her two SI's. I am looking forward to meeting you all again! :angry:


Thanks for the encouragement. We're planning on several more visits before we make a decision. We'll have to talk when you get here regarding extra classes. I know we'd be happy to have your dd join us. We've been getting together a couple times a week.

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We had only one week to visit two schools in Germany recently but we were lucky to be able to see both companies affiliated with the two schools perform as well. One was clearly a better fit for my daughter. Both programs have a three month trial period so I think it is very important to visit and do classes and watch rehearsals if at all possible. My daughter will be going on her own to Germany and attending a post secondary level program. My daughter probably have loved to go for a longer period of time but she knew within the first day what her decision was going to be. :angry:

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Thanks cbmr! It is always difficult to choose to make a change before completing a program but my dd is trying to remain professional and respectful of her current school no matter what! :shrug:

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I'm 18 this year, and have a pretty strong technique on flat. The thing is, I'm quite behind in my pointe technique as I started late. Do you think there's any school in Germany that will accept me? I'm looking for a reputable school, but not neccessarily a top-notch one like John Cranko. However, I'd love to go to Hamburg Ballet. How good do i have to be?

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I have two dd's, 15 and 13. We are moving to Stuttgart Germany this summer for 3 years. We sent tape auditions to the Cranko school, and they did not get accepted. Does anyone know if there is another school in the Stuttgart area that is not Dolly Dinkle, and they would at least be able to keep up their technique bofore auditioning at Cranko in person next year? I asked Cranko school via email if they had another school or schools in the area to suggest, and have recieved no response. We will be living in Sindelfingen, and are interested only in another local school at this time. Thanks so much!



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I feel badly that your question has not been answered but if you look back through this thread to page four you will find several posts by members that suggest that ballet training outside of the big name schools is very difficult to find in Germany. The big name schools are by audition and invitation only. :thumbsup: The students at John Cranko are from all over the world in the higher levels, the students who are German in the Academy have usually started training at John Cranko at a young age so they might not be familiar with other local schools.

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Lisapod, did your DD audition at Mannheim? The distance is manageable, though it is certainly not around the corner.

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Thank you both for your responses - no, we did not send audition tapes to Mannheim, and we will certainly check into that. I was just hoping there would be something more "local" where they could at least keep up their hours - thanks again for your imput!

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How strict are the age limits for auditioning for the 2 year program at John Cranko or other good classical schools in Germany/Europe? Has anyone had experience with auditioning successfully at a reputable school when over 20 years old? Having being trained predominantly through the vaganova syllabus I would prefer a school teaching with that syllabus.

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From personal experience I can say that they definitely bend the age limit at many of those schools. I'm not sure about Cranko specifically, but girls in the first year might be 18, not 16. 20 is definitely pushing it for a female but not impossible per se. You would of course have to be very good. Most (maybe all) of the German schools are Vaganova based, and I believe Cranko and Munich are the most "pure" Vaganova amongst them.

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