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I do not believe the John Cranko School accepts female students over the age of 20.

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Yes i believe choices of good schools in europe become much more limited after 20 regardless of natural facility/talent. But was just wondering if anyone knew or had experience of good schools in europe that may have been known to have made the exception or accept students over 20.

I have been at my current school which is considered one of the best classical training schools in australia with ex students getting into top schools in europe working in major european, american and australian companies thereafter. I have been training for 4 years training full time (40 hours a week) and have caught up to probably an early advanced level. I didn't start ballet until I was 21 after making the transition from gymnastic but was granted an exception to the age limit normally accepted at that school as the director said she saw potential (e.g 180 degrees turnout, high extensions/arabesque, well proportioned body etc). I worked very hard to catch up with other students often 5 yrs younger, and in addition often took classes of different levels to catch up on all the alignment classes normally taken by students in their first yr at 12, as well as spanish and contemporary. My teacher has now suggested that in order to progress forward, she would like for me to go to europe, but wanted me to also do some research as to the available training options in Europe.

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There are girls in the school in Mannheim who were over 20 when they started at the school. However that school also has a teaching track so the older students are not necessarily expected to become professional dancers. At the school in Hamburg there are students who are over 20- but accepted at a younger age. There are also schools with a more modern direction (i.e. Frankfurt, Cologne) that are considered universities; most of the students there are older. Since you are female, schools are more liable to see your age as a problem. But if you have the facility you describe there could still be a small chance to get into a "big name" school.


Edit: I just read in another post that you are 23. I have heard of cases of age 20-21 but never 23.

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Mannheim is now apparently also a university; one gets a "Bachelor of Arts" at the end of the studies.

They have taken "older" dancers -also female- into the dancer programme. (I think 22 was the oldest of one who started recently... not entirely sure, though)


Frankfurt is a bit more modern-oriented; Cologne even more so.


Then there is Dresden, also with a bachelor-programme; not sure what the actual age-limit is, though.


I think that most professional schools do also look at the dancer and not only at their age. (though it depends, of course, on how much they want to look at someone)


Your best bet is to try it out, though of course that is expensive. You could also write and ask, or have your teachers do that, if they personally know some of the directors of the schools in question... :)



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I'm looking into applying for a tanz gymnasium in Germany next year.

I've looked into all these schools.

My german is quite good, my acedemics are excellent and my dance teachers said I should be able to get in anywhere.

My question is, how can I audition from the states?

I'm interested in sending in videos, because I won't be able to make it to germany for auditions.

Will this be acceptable?

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I think you're going to have to go through a student exchange program, or contact the specific school you are interested in, and see if video auditions are a possibility.


Perhaps someone else will have more info?

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Abigail, do you mean a "tanzgymnasium" or an academy? Of the former there is one in Germany; at that school one does the "normal" highschool diploma and THEN goes on to an academy for further study. (it does not offer full-time study itself, but is seen as a way of getting the "abitur"- or highschool diploma, while still having daily ballet classes) The other places are full-time study, at the earliest at age 16, and it is not possible to do "normal" school on the side.


As far as I know one cannot audition by video alone, but you should contact each school individually to find out for sure. :)



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Could anyone tell me how strict the age requirements are for entrance into German ballet schools post high school? The academic year in Australia and NZ finishes in December and I'd rather DD graduates from high school before going onto further training. This would mean she would finish school and then have further training here before starting at a German school (if she was fortunate to gain a place) in September at 17 yrs.

In the UK they seem to prefer you to be 16 years when you start upper school (post GCSE) at least for girls.

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Clutterbug, your best bet is to contact the schools/universities you are interested in and ask directly.

Some of the schools (Mannheim Academy of Dance, Dresden Palucca University of Dance, Frankfurt University of Dance, State Ballet School Berlin.... ) now offer BA in arts instead of the former "Diploma".

I think that John Cranko school in Stuttgart and the John Neumeir school in Hamburg are still the "diploma" schools, and they could be stricter when it comes to age-limits.


However, if they want a student, they will find a way!



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Thank you, I have just read the whole thread which has been very informative. I will contact the schools and we will consider applying by DVD next year if they are strict about the age requirement. Ideally we will wait until DD has finished school here, she would prefer that too as she would find it challenging living abroad on her own at the moment!

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