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Hello! We are moving to the New York area this summer and we're considering the Somerset County, NJ area. I was wondering if anyone has information regarding the New Jersey School of Ballet which is associated with the New Jersey State Ballet Company. I have an 8 year old daughter who has been in love with ballet since the age of 3 and she seems to be taking a serious attitude towards ballet in the future. I've had two of her ballet teachers from two different schools tell me she has "gorgeous feet" (I don't even know what that is supposed to mean technically) and she always seems to stand out among her classmates. However, I have not had any serious conversations with anyone because she is only 8 but now that we are moving and she seems more driven, my husband and I want to make sure we enroll her in the right school for her abilities. In her present class there are a couple of students who tend to disrupt the class with their antics and my daughter comes home frustrated.


She has had performance opportunities in the Nutcracker for 3 years at 2 different schools and this is something we would like to continue.


Thanks in advance,


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NJ Ballet is a well established ballet company and school. Read through the websiteMy Webpage and try to visit the school nearest you. The school has been training young children for many years. It has a large and varied staff in background and nationality.

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It was a coincidence for me to see your post as I just called NJ School of Ballet yesterday. I live in NJ and my daughter (12 y/o) attends the School of American ballet in NYC. I was looking for a summer program close to home (or at least in NJ since I haven't convinced myself that she's old enough to be away from home for 5 weeks!) NJ School of Ballet has a summer program that sounds interesting, 3 - 6 weeks depending upon what level you get into. They are reasonably priced, I thought compared to other SI's. You may want to attend the audition which is on 3/12 at the Livingston location. In any event, you can call them to arrange for a trial class, that way you can get a feel for the place. Let me know if you do, as I would be interested in your impressions.


Also, the School of American Ballet holds auditions in May for 8 - 10 year olds for a september start date. With respect to your nutcracker request, the kids there, level 2 or higher can audition for the NYCB nutcracker in Lincoln Center. My daughter was able to do that and it was an amazing experience for the both of us. So you may want to consider that as well. Once again, let me know if you go to NJ School of Ballet and what you think.

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Guest leenadancer

My 13 year old daughter has been attending NJB for 5 years. She is in their intensive training program. She began classes at 8 and decided to switch to the intensive program at 11. I have been very happy with her experience. We drive 30 minutes to the school but it is far easier than NYC. Her teachers have been fabulous and they provide lots of individual correction. There are few performing opportunities. Their biggest production is the Nutcracker at the PaperMill playhouse. You may audition for the production in the Fall. It is a wonderful experience.

If you have more specific questions, please feel free to ask!


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Thanks for your reply, Cat! We may shoot for regular summer ballet classes at NJ Ballet since my girls are only 8 and 6 now and probably wouldn't qualify for other programs yet. I'll let you know how we find the school. Just curious, how do you find the commute to NYC? Maureen




Thanks Leena! I was glad to get a positive response regarding NJ Ballet. I would like to ask you if you were able to volunteer backstage to help children for the Nutcracker and what is the earliest age they can audition for productions? Also do you know if there is any difference between school locations for faculty, class size anything? Maureen

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Maureen. I have heard that SAB is adding younger age group classes next fall. Not sure how definite this is, you would have to call to find out.


The commute isn't bad going in to the city. We leave at about 2:30 (my daughter has to leave school about 20 minutes early) and make it to Lincoln Center by about 3:20. Coming home can be a different story. Class ends at 5:30 so we hit a fair amount of rush hour traffic. It can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. I guess I've gotten used to it, this is my 3rd year making that trip.


Just an aside... even though I would love, selfishly for a carpool, you may be better off staying local at NJB or elsewhere close and consider the professional school when your kids are older. It's just been my experience that once there, it's very hard to make the decision to go elsewhere.


Good luck with NJB, let me know how it turns out.

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Just an aside... even though I would love, selfishly for a carpool, you may be better off staying local at NJB or elsewhere close and consider the professional school when your kids are older.  It's just been my experience that once there, it's very hard to make the decision to go elsewhere.


New Jersey Ballet is a professional school that does provide excellent training and a very firm foundation for those students that as they get older decide to move on to "bigger name" professional schools.

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Hello  :blink:  My DD has been attending NJB school for almost 6 years and we love it! The teachers are great and have tremendous backgrounds. My DD is currently in the intensive division year round and the intruction and corrections that she gets are excellent. Their summer program and the summer intensive program (you have to be 10 years old or at a certain level to audition for the intensive) are 6 weeks long. You attend classes 3 to 6 DAYS a week,depending on which level you are in. The nice thing about the summer program and the summer intensive program is that you only pay for the weeks you attend. (It is a 6 week long program).

We have been very happy with the school and the progress DD has made. I am more than happy to answer any other questions you might have and good luck with the move :clover:

To correct myself...

Classes in the summer intensive program are 3-5 days a week,not 3-6.There are no clesses on the weekend in the summer.... :blushing:

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To answer the question about differences in location...there are classes in all locations for beginning and intermediate students...if your child is accepted to the intensive program when she is older, classes are held at the Livingston location.


As pal stated, NJB is a professional program. It is primarily vaganova training (emphasis at SAB is Balanchine).

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Guest leenadancer



Yes, you are able to volunteer backstage at the Nutcracker. It is great fun. I believe that you can audition as early as 8 (especially if you have acrobatic ability).


We only have experience with the Livingston location. We have never attended Sommerville. The class sizes have a big range depending on which class you select. My daughter is involved in the intensive program which is about 14-16 girls/class. The open classes could be more. We have received great training and experience. For us, NYC is very close. I personally like the special attention given at NJB. My DD has taken classes in NYC. She just recently was accepted in ABT's summer intensive and others as well. We will definetely attend NJB's summer intensive. I like the smaller class size, close proximity, personal corrections and intimate, family feeling that we receive there. I hope this helps.



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I live in NJ as well, (and not that far from you) and I just thought I would add my opinion. When I was searching for serious schools, I found NJB to be really good, and everything I read about it indicated it would be excellent.

Where I actually go is Princeton Ballet. It is a farther drive from where I (you) live, but it offers the best training in the state, as well as many oppertunities to preform with the company, and VERY personalized classes.

I am sure wherever you go will be very good for your DD, but If you were curious about other options, this is another school to think about.

Good Luck:)

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I found this old thread and was wondering whether anyone could provide any updated insight as to the New jersey School of Ballet. I am considering the school for my 10-year-olf DD. Thanks.

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My DD is still at NJB and we still love it! I wouldn't say that it is primarily Vaganova based though. There are some Russian teachers, and there are American teachers and I would say it's mixed. It is not Balanchine. The quality of instruction is great! DD is almost 15 and in the intensive level. She has been at the school since she was 3+1/2. I can tell you that this year the kids in DD's level and 1 level above and 1 level below have been accepted to summer programs with ABT (NYC,Detroit),Boston Ballet,Magnus Midwest,Miami,Pitts Ballet Theater,San Francisco,the Rock and North Carolina School of the Arts to name a few. This tells me they are getting solid training year round.

You can take a free trial class if you and your DD would like to try it out first. Just call the office and they can help you arrange that. The staff and teachers are all very nice!!! It has become almost a second home to DD. If you are close enough, the company is performing Cinderella on Sunday at the Community Theater in Morristown at 3pm. This is for their Kids and Family series, meaning that it is condensed and narrated for the younger audience members, but in addition to the professional company dancers there will be students from the school and junior company dancing which may give you an idea of the training too.

If I can answer any other questions please ask! :innocent:

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Thanks for responding. At what age do they usually audition kids for the intensive program? Generally, how large are the classes? At what age do most girls go up en pointe? I could go on with questions, but I'll stop there for now.

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