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a friend of mine, who does not dance, resentley tore her abductor muscle,while playing tennis. she asked me if i knew any stretches that would strengthen it. the problem is i would hate to give her a stretch that she isnt capable of or that ends up doing more damage than good, because most if not all of the abductor stretching execises i know, i dont think a non-dancer would be able to do properly without getting hurt. so my question is does any one know any stretches that would be appropriate for a non-dancer to do in order to strengthen an abductor muscle?

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When a muscle is torn, no stretches should be done, except under the orders and supervision of a physical therapist. Rest is the first and best regimen. And stretches do not strengthen a muscle at all; they lengthen it.

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My teacher showed me a great exercise for strenghtening the abductor muscle:


Lay on your back like you are going to do a sit up or crunch. Extend the leg you need to be strengthening on the floor. Slowly raise it up so it is parallel with your bent leg and slowly bring it back down to the floor. My teacher had us do 4 but we don't have a lot of time to do all of our stretches/exercises like this so I'd say do about maybe 5-10.


* I agree with Mr.Johnson it is crucial to follow the instructions of a physical therapist as to not hurt yourself anymore.

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