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Bad in auditions?

Tiiny Dancerx33

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Hello, (hopefully this is an ok question with enough details..)


In class I'm very strong with remembering combinations quickly, but once i get to auditions, I freeze. :yes: I always seem to get one of the first numbers and wind up in the first group. Therefore, I don't even have time to assure myself that I have the step.


I'm great with this in class. Is it just my nerves? :blushing: Does anyone have the same problem? Do you have any suggestions?




(I hope this is in the write place :lol: )

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Guest Iwishtobeonpoint

acctuallly i have the same problem. You most likely have stagefright. Before I do an audition or go on stage I tell myself I can do it. During auditions also try not to look at the judges. :yes:

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Thanks for replying back.


That's the strange part! I love to be on stage, and i love auditioning. Stage fright is not even in my vocabulary! :yes: I know I'm not scared. I just go blank! Sometimes it's the complete opposite though! Sometimes I get a combination in auditions like that! I don't know what could be wrong? :lol:


Maybe some teachersdemonstrate differently, and I'm just not noticing???


Very Confused :blushing:

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Auditions are just classes. Keep your focus and concentration on the work and the teacher and you will be fine. Some teachers are less clear, or they expect you to learn very quickly. If you don't get something, ask! Better to ask a question than not know what you are doing. :yes:

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Sometimes before an audition i freak out and i just break down, but i know that its just a class. During auditions you must smile and show that you want to be there. You want to stand out as the most exciting person there. I always smile in auditions no matter what and i just think of myself as the only one and i don't rate myself based on the judges, i just do my dancing and do the best i can. Try just ignoring the fact that there are people you don't know and people judging you, in reality, you are the judge of yourself.

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Knock, knock:

Parent here.


My dd has the same problem. At her first audition she was number ONE. Which meant she had to be the first to go across the room. She was petrified about getting it right and ever since she waits until there are a lot of people in line before going to get her number.

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