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Want to be challenged..

Tiiny Dancerx33

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I've been at my ballet school for about four years and when I first started i was at the bottom of my class. I worked really hard and i found myself moving through many levels. :yes:


For the past year or so I've been in the same level. This is perfectly fine with me and I trust my teacher's judgement. The problem is, in this class, I feel that I'm close to the top of the class. I've gone for about a month's worth of ballet classes without one correction!! I've only received possitive comments. (Which is great! Don't get me wrong.)


I just don't feel like I'm getting anywhere with my dancing anymore. I WANT to be challenged. Any suggestions?


Thanks! :blushing:

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Talk to your teacher about possibly adding a class or two at a higher level, while still remaining in your regular classes. We sometimes do this with students who are showing the progress, along with the interest and focus, in the second half of the year that will place them in the next level the following year.

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Please hit the Add Reply button instead of the "Reply (Quote reply) button. Quoting the previous post is unnecessary. :yes:

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Guest hdbdancer

hi ya, i can see how that could be really annoying, and i had a simelar problem (but im not relly close to the best in my class :) ) but my friend said that mabey the teacher could just be finding new corrections to give you because you have already improved on all the old ones, and who knows she could be testing you to see weather or not you are ready to go to the next level or how you make it on your own, but what i would suggest is waiting a week or two and if things dont improve than you should directily talkt o her and ask what is up. - ggood luck! :yes:

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Hello hdbdancer, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :yes:


Since you are brand new, I would like to ask you to please read some of the "Sticky" forums here on the Young Dancers forum, and other forums as well. They will help you a whole lot on knowing how to do things on the board, for instance, hitting the Add Reply button instead of the "Reply button :angry: Also, on the YD boards advice is given by the teacher/moderators, and we ask that young dancers refrain from trying to answer technical questions or issues that require answers from teachers. You may always offer your own experiences following the answers from Mr. Johnson, vrsfanatic, or myself, but advice is a no no! :)

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