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Ballet Tiara needed


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My dd is competing at the YAGP next month. Her tutu just arrived and now I need a tiara. I would like a Russian style one. Last time I ordered one from a bridal shop and it was on the heavy side. Can anyone tell me of any web sites to look at or anywhere in Manhattan to go to??? Thanks so much.

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There are several ebay stores but I think this one has the best prices from what I can tell. http://stores.ebay.com/Alabama-Crowns


I think they get them from here http://www.rhinestonejewelry.com/?source=g...word=rhinestone but they have a minimum quantity on most items.


This one has tiaras but also a great selection of rhinestone jewelry http://stores.ebay.com/oasis-jewels.

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We generally make ours so that they are light yet elaborate. But I've also bought some from Eden Jewels on ebay. Very quick service.



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I would love to make one. Is it very hard? I am pretty creative but I have never made anything like this. Are there books available? How did yu learn? Thanks

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What I really need is a ballet tiara. These web sites are for pagents and bridal. The tiara's tend to be heavier and stiff. The ballet ones are lighter and more flexable. At least the Russian one's are. Thanks I will keep looking.

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I learned by watching a mom at our studio who can just do anything crafty there is to do. There is a kit available at tutu.com for a rhinestone one that is lovely. We've used that one before also but the one I was telling you about earlier was one our headpiece maker saw in a magazine and starting playing around with wire and lace. They came out lovely.


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