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Guest BhindMYeyes90

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Guest BhindMYeyes90

Earlier this year I started taking ballet at a serious school (before I danced at a very laid back school). I feel as though I'm catching up alright in flat work, but in pointe I am still a little behind. I was wondering if anybody knew anything about getting private pointe help.

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One thing at a time. If you've upgraded your training, you're going to go through a period of improving your basic technique and gaining strength. This improvement will of itself improve the pointework, not more pointework. Remember, basic technique isn't everything, but whatever is left after you take it away isn't worth a hill of beans.

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A couple of years ago I went through a similar transition. :yes:


I had the same problem! :thumbsup: I was having trouble getting used to the normal combinations and routines of the new school. I've been at the school for about 3 1/2 years and I've adjusted. :jump:


It's a matter of time I guess. Keep working. It will come. :thumbsup:

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I'm going through the same exact thing right now!


At my laid-back ho-hum studio, I was the definately the BEST in my class. Now, I'm taking ballet and pointe class at a strict porfessional school, and I'm probably one of the worst in class. It's a huge transition for me, not always feeling like I'm so perfect and great, and I like it. Having people who are better than you gives ya someone to look up to, y'know? It CAN get frustrating, when you mess up and see how everyone else has got the combination down pat, but please don't give up. It's a learning experience.


My advice? Don't feel down on yourself. You just started at this new place, and no one can blame you if you don't do everything perfect all at once. Your pointe work, with time, will definately improve. And think: Won't it be fun to watch yourself become stronger and more graceful each month? Imagine the goal: and then go for it.


Good luck, and please keep on dancing! :yes:

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Just to echo what everyone else has already said.


It's awesome that you are improving your basic technique. From my own experience cleaning up the basics is one of the hardest things you will have to do. Just readjusting your basic stance, which muscles you use and when, and undoing all those bad habits can take forever!


But once you get those down, the more difficult and challenging things follow easily. I think it is important to remember that ballet is like building. You MUST have a good foundation to build upon. Your pointe work will not improve until your basic technique is where it needs to be. So it makes sense that you aren't improving there yet. Once the foundation is finished, I'm sure you'll start to grow by leaps and bounds. :yes:


And don't get discouraged. Patience is a virtue. :jump:

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Guest BhindMYeyes90

I just wanted to say thank you. Seeing that other people are/have went through the same things I'm going through helps a lot! I definately have been working very hard to undo some of the bad habits I picked up at my "laid back" school, but I can already see some improvement...I guess I just need to learn to be patient. I can't wait for class tonight!

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