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Ballet or Running?


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Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post, move it if it is the wrong place. I was wondering if there were any other dancers who run track or cross-country. If so, i was wondering how am i to stay healthy and do both. Thank you. :yes:

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I can't give you any advice, but I can share a similar experience. :thumbsup:


Before I switched over to a pre- professional ballet school, I had been taking tap, jazz, and ballet at a recreational school. When i first switched over to the pre- proffessional school, i was still attending class at the recreational school. This was working for me for a while, but soon i had to make a decision. :yes:


I had to take more classes at my pre- proffessional school, so I had to stop studying with the recreational school. (Because i wanted to become a professional ballet dancer.) :thumbsup:


I had to make a decision and it was tough, but when i finally made a decision, I'm proud to say it was the right one.


Sure making a decision is tough, but your natural instinct should lead you in the right direction. :jump:

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RLM, it might come down to priorities. Running the way you describe it, as in seriously, really does not combine well with ballet. If ballet is an addition to your running and just for fun, then that is fine. But, if ballet is a priority, the running may have to go.

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Nothing wrong with the topic. It's just that with ballet as a top priority, other things that can interfere, or perhaps hinder the training, ultimately have to go away.

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I kind of have a simaler situation. For years now, I've wanted to join the track team at my scool, but unfortunatly it's always when I have ballet. I'm actually pretty fast, and if I don't join something non-dance related soon, my mom is going to nag me untill the world ends. But I agree with Ms. Leigh, if you love dance that much, and running is interferring, well, the other things have to go. I know how hard it is to give something up. When I switched to ballet at age 8, I hated that I had to give up gymnastics. But I don't regret it. Feel free to pm me when I get the privalege.

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Guest afroballet01

I do both track and ballet.


However,neither of them is for a career.


In my experience the two actually go quite nicely together:


Ballet gives me the grace and leaps (used for hurdles),track gives me extremely strong legs.BOTH give me endurance,a toned body,and strong abs.

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I feel the same way. I know I probably wont go into ballet professionally, but i love it. I know that i love running and that i do it a lot. I have the gift of long legs so its easy to make the lines in ballet look right. I have strong legs from running and good posture from ballet. So i feel like i can take something away from each activity(i cannot call them "sports" because ballet is an art).

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Something similar happened to me. :) When I was 9 or 10, I had to quit figure skating because it was interefering with ballet. I thought it was the right choice, but I still enjoy ice skating, and recently my friends adviced me I should take figure skating classes again, except not as much as ballet. Now I'm trying to decide if I should take up figure skating, or just continue with the way my schedule is now. :D

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