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Can a teacher be TOO nice?


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Okay, we just got a new teacher for our ballet technique class. She's nice. Really nice. In fact, I think she's TOO nice. Here's why:

This is what she does the whole time at barre: She gives us the combination, really fast, all smiley and giggly, then watches us do it. She goes from student to student, watching carefully, and saying things like: Great Job! Awesome! Good! Very Nice!, ect., but never once have I heard her say anything like: Pull up more, You need to turn out, Point your foot! Get your leg higher, Stay with the music, ect. In fact, I don't think once has she ever corrected a student since she's been here. (She's been here for two months!) It really bothers me, because (I'm not trying to sound mean or anything,) a lot of kids in my class are. . .erm. . .not very good. At all.

And of course I've made tons of mistakes, too.

Actually, once, just to test her, I did the combination horribly right in front of her. I expected her to go all out on me, but instead she just said Good! and moved on.


Do you think she'll get better over time? Or should I just do my best and deal with it?

I really love ballet and it frustrates me that she's not helping me learn. :yes:

Anyway, thank you in advance for your answers!


-Rachel :jump:

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Now this is a question I don't think we have ever had here before! Amazing :yes:


Actually, if it were the first week or two, I would say wait and see. But, two months of the same thing and no corrections? That I would have to question seriously, as you are doing. Does not sound like the teachers I know!

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:D Hee hee. I'm sticking up for her because she's easy on me, aren't I?


But normally I'm a very wierd person. I like teachers who yell at me, push me harder, and correct every single little itty bitty mistake I make. It motivates me!



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And most teachers do. Perhaps this one is just trying to become liked by everyone while she is new there? Hopefully, she will turn into a real teacher. :D

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If she allows you to ask questions, then take advantage of that to get her to offer advice. For example, if you're falling out of turns, at the end of a turn combination, perhaps ask, "I can keep falling forward out of my turns, and I'm not sure why. Can you help?"


Also, testing her by doing things horribly is never a good way to deal with things. :D Try to keep yourself responsive. Pay attention to your body language. She may sense that you dislike her, and will have backed off. For a few classes keep yourself open and ready for corrections. While she's giving a combination, pay attention closely, perhaps nod a bit, and then give it all you've got. In my experience, the more you put into the class, the more teachers are willing to respond with corrections.


If none of this works, perhaps at the end of class, stay after to talk with her. If she is as nice as you say she is, she won't mind. Mention that you're really focused on taking your technique to the next level, and you would really love some corrections. It doesn't hurt to butter her up, and let her know that you really value her opinion! :P

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I dont like teachers yelling at me either- there is a "too nice" and a "too mean". Both sides exist.

I think the ideal is right inbetween them: A teacher who does give a LOT of individual attention and corrections but does do it with patience, a friendly face and a warm voice.


I just dont work well if somebody yells at me- but if the teacher is strict yet friendly I will virtually work my butt off to please her/him.


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I have a teacher who is a lot like that...she does give some corrections, but she is still way too nice, and she does not give us nearly enough structure/discipline. I find the only way I can get anything out of her class is by pushing myself and pretending that I'm actually in a competitive, serious, class.

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Thanks ya'all for replyin! I'll take your advice and try to act as "professional" in class as possible. I really wish, though, that she was mean!


lol what am I saying?? :)

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I totally understand where you are coming from! I have one teacher like that on fridays and all she ever says is "good" . Well she does give some corrections, but they tend to just be general things not directed to anyone. And she hardly pays attention to anyone but me and a few other people which makes it weird for me. Its just so strange because she will say "good" about something our other teachers would be like "that wasnt that good lets do it again" . I still work hard in the class but personally like it so much better when the teacher doesnt give out compliments like they are nothing it just inspires me to work so much harder!

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Since your teacher is new, I doubt this is the reason. But I suffered through an entire year last year of lazy teacher burnout. No corrections, talk too much, not good boundaries, etc. Just another example.

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