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German ballet universities

Guest abtballetdancer

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Guest abtballetdancer

I want to go to uni in Germany but would like to know what schools would allow older dancers? (well, starting in the teens, not like 30). I am at an intermediate level. I am looking for a school with an intensive program that will allow me to advance somewhat more quickly. And daily ballet is important to me. Are there any uni's in Germany that have such a program? As it appears that all the major ballet schools do not have a uni program and do not accept over 18 and require advanced that old also. Thanks! :D

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Dance as an academic subject is relatively new to Germany, in particular ballet. You might want to look into Folkwang Hochschule in Essen. Programme is contemporary dance-orientated but I as far as I do, they do accept 'older' dancers.

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Guest abtballetdancer

Do you know of any that have a ballet program? Or even a non-uni program that accept people like me? I have never done modern and don't think I want to do it career wise, got my heart set on ballet. *le sigh*

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May I ask how old you are? You still might want to check out Folkwang, you will still have daily ballet classes.

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Well, do you want to become a full time dancer or do you want to study something different and dance on the side?


The universities for performing arts (Musikhochschulen) in Germany usually only accept students up to the age of 24 as far as I know. (I was interested in studying singing and found that out- I believe its the same for studying dance) Many of them specialize in contemporary dance.

If you are older and want to become a full time dancer there are still opportunities outside the performing arts universities.

Several private schools offer full time ballet training and you will graduate with a diploma in dance from there just as you would do from the Musikhochschule.

Some require a small tuition fee, some dont.

Most of them accept students above the age of 24.


Look into:


Modern Dance Center in Dortmund (no age limits as far as I know):



Lola Rogge School in Hamburg (accept students up to the age of 30, specializes in modern dance and teacher education):



Ballettschool Ernst Pergel in Düsseldorf (no age limits as far as I know):



Auditioning is required for all of them. I am sure there are others out there too but those three are the ones that immendiately popped into my mind.


If you want to go to a regular university and study something different from dance but still want to dance on the side (that is what I am doing), there are several German universities that offer ballet as part of their university sports programs.

My university (Bonn) does that. They offer ballet especially for adults (twice a week for 150 minutes- consiting of beginners class first half and advanced class- each over the university program but you have the possibility to dance more days a week at the teachers` private studio), historical dance, character, Jazz and spanish for a small fee of about 35 euro per semester for students, 80 Euroes for outside university people.

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Guest abtballetdancer

Sorry for not replying sooner!


I am turning 19, and need to make this choice, before I get any older!


I want to do ballet, not modern, full time, yes. So which would be good to look into? I'd like to dance professionally in a small company some day if possible, but I'm only intermediate in ballet and pointe and need to get better training and more training so I want to do that for college and see how far I get.


Thanks girls!

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There is a long discussion about German universities on this site, just do a search for it.

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Hi, ruthy8686,


I think it is different for males and females, and it also does seem to depend on the talent/level of the student. (in most German academies the cut-off-age appears to be around 21 or 22 for females; for males it is generally older)

Your best bet is to phone or write to them and ask!

Tel: +49 (0)621 / 292-3515

Fax: +49 (0)621 / 292-2238

e-mail: adt@muho-mannheim.de


They are/were quite friendly.



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