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I'm thinking of trying to get day seats for the Royal Ballet's triple bill of Ballet Imperial/Afternoon of a Faun/Firebird, at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Has anyone got much experience of this? Or queued without success? I'd be interested to hear from anyone who knows how likely you are to get tickets if you turn up at 10 (or later). Darcey is dancing, so I imagine it'll be very popular.



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Sorry but I can't help you there....

However, if you do go, do let us know all about it!

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Which day are you going? Saturdays tend to be more packed.


One thing you should do is check seat availability on the website - if there's still quite a bit, it won't be so bad.


Mixed bills also rarely sell out.


However, beware if it is 23 Feb, which is already sold out online. It was supposed to be Jonathan Cope's farewell. He is injured now, but he came out on the 6th for a bow (that was supposed to be his penultimate show), and many, including I, are hoping that he will appear on the 23rd. If you want that date, get there early!!!!


Let me know if you have any more questions!

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Hello Ami,


Thanks for the information!


Tuesday 28th is the day I want to go, but here's nothing left online except standing in the slips. I don't mind standing and have had these tickets before, but prefer to see more of the stage if possible! I've been lucky with special offers on my last few ROH visits (stalls circle for Manon for £10!), but not this time! I may well try queuing up on the day.


I hope you get to see Jonathan Cope (and in a fit state to do more than a bow). It would be such a shame if he couldn't do the last one too.



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Hi Ruby!


No problem! If the show is already that sold out, I'd plan on getting there early-ish if you can? 9:30 say? Don't stand in the slips! I get cranky without full views!!!


I won't be there that night (I'll be dancing away as well!), but we can compare notes later! :)


If I receive notice of any email offers I'll let you know.


Unfortunately, the most noble Mr. Cope will definitely not be performing. He was going to do Firebird, but he had a horrible car accident earlier this year and is on crutches.... so.... :P They were going to be his only performances this year.


I'm seeing this bill on the 23rd and then again on the 8 of March, as I'm really interested in both casts. Unfortunately, Ivan Putrov also had a really nasty spill on stage last night at the gala - I so hope he's okay! He was having an amazing season.



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Does anybody know if Ballet tickets ever show up at the ticket booth in Leicester Square? This is just for future reference.

I've bought plenty of theater tickets there in the three trips I've made there so far, but the only time I was with someone who would go to the ballet they were in a group that already had tickets to a sold out performance and I couldn't get one.



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Just a quick note (apologies if in the wrong forum), to say 'run do not walk' to get tickets for this - sell your granny if necessary. DD and I went to see the opening night (Feb 4th) and it was truly magnificent. As well as Darcey, we were privileged to witness Alexandra Ansanelli's debut with the RB. A truly memorable evening and a lovely combination of different pieces. Good luck!

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I've heard of them being occassionally available at the Square, but I'm not sure. It's certainly not stated anywhere in ROH's ticketing policy - and I've not tried it myself. My instinct would say that they'd be there if there was a huge amount of tickets unsold.


If you think a show is sold out, it is still quite worth it to check the lines - there can be last-minute returns. I have a friend who got an excellent, but inexpensive place to see Cojocaru and Kobborg's last Giselle of the season, on a Saturday night, 5 minutes before the show. And there were others in the line ahead of him!



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Hello all,


Backtracking slightly to say thanks to Mariliz for the great report of this programme. Now I am definitely keen to go! And thank you Ami for the tips. I certainly never plan to stand in the slips again, after one of the most frustrating experiences of my life seeing half of Les Biches last year. I think I nearly fell over into the stalls craning to try and see the great things that were going on beyond the empty half of the stage which was in my view. Never again! If I don't get to go to Imperial/Afternoon/Firebird, I'll be really interested to hear your reports on both casts. This time I swear I have learned my lesson with not booking ahead!


I am really sorry to hear about Jonathan Cope. I am not very in touch with company news so this had passed me by. The last time I saw him was on TV at Christmas, and I have rewatched my recording many times since, so I suppose this gives me an idiotic illusion of his fitness!



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