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Evaluating New Dance School


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I'm 13, and currently dancing two nights (one 2 hour technique and one 90 minute pointe) a week at my studio, plus rehearsals and taking an open class at a different school. I'm considering switching to the other school in the fall, since they offer more classes at my level.


The other school offers 5-6 classes a week all taught by different instructors. My current school will offer 3 classes a week next year all taught by the same instructor. The experience of the instructors is similar, yet the other school has significantly smaller class sizes.


I'm curious what you think about working with so many different instructors during the course of a week. Should I continue looking into this school or look for a place where the instructors don't rotate?




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This is a tough call, without knowing the schools and the faculty. It would be better not to have different instructors every day of the week, although it would be okay to have two, or maybe even three. But, it's also very important to have daily classes. Three days a week is not sufficient. Would it be possible to do three days at the school with one instructor, and two or three days at the other school?

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Thanks Ms. Leigh. That's a great idea! I hadn't thought about dancing at both schools in the fall. If I did that I would have three classes with one teacher and two or three with different teachers. I know both schools teach the Vagonova method, although my current studio also includes some Cecchetti. One of the other major schools in the area teaches only Balanchine.


It is a possible to dance at both schools, especially if the classes overlap with something my sister can take. She's two years younger and a level behind me. Thanks for the idea. I'll certainly talk to my parents about it. :)




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