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starting up again?


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i dislocated my knee and shattered the cartiledge and now i havent danced since nutcracker in december and won't be able to dance until may or june. right now i cant run or even walk to keep in shape, so im losing a lot of muscle, flexability, and ive gained a LOT of fat on my legs and stomach. does anyone know what i can do? please help me, dance is all ive got..... :):crying:

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Rain Dancer, try to find some Pilates classes. Once you are trained in the exercises, you will be able to do them on your own, but while you are still recovering you will need training in order to learn exactly what you can do and what you cannot. If you can afford classes on the Pilates equipment, and not just the mat work, that would be great. It's expensive, but very good!

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