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I noticed there are different challenges in every level of ballet. In begging I noticed you to hold soild postions for long periods of time and in intermidate you have to memorize the exercises and work really quickly. How about you?

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Very true. I like taking beginner. And the more advanced you are, the more challenging beginner is. Try to do simple glissades across a room four or five times back and forth. It's quite a workout. Watch the more advanced students gasp for breath. I asked why that was and I was told it was because we were doing it correctly. When I'm at the barre in beginner doing simple tendus I forget to breathe sometimes because I'm concentrating so much on my placement and not fretting about the fast combination like I would do in a more advanced class.

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I agree! I always get a lot out of joining lower level classes as well as the ones which stretch me. My first teacher, when I was a child learner, wasn't nearly as good as the one I have now, so it's always good to be 'retaught' the simple things from scratch. My new teacher uses imagery much better, so hearing her tell people how to do things that we'd be expected to just do in higher classes really helps me improve.

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