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I saw an ad in dance magazine (or was it pointe? sorry, i can't remember) for the summer intensive and when I looked at the website I was intrigued. I am also, especially interested in their year-round program-- called the "Mentor Program"-- which sounds extremely intense. They seem to have a focus on creating dancers as artists as well as technicians. I wanted to find out if anyone has any experience with this company, even have just seen a performance, anything. Thanks!



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Hello Yvette,


Sorry that I wasn't able to respond sooner, but I have been out of the country on business.


BalletBC is the company for my city--Vancouver. I don't have direct experience with the company, but am a frequent viewer, and have known past participants in the mentor program. The Summer Intensive is a new endeavour. This is the first year that I have heard anything news about, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is its first year. Someone might have more information on that.


The people that I have known in the mentor program were very satisfied with their entire experience. It was very intense, and in that, it was excellent preparation for the dance world. The opportunity to take class with company members has been invaluable to them.


The company really is a treasure for our city. The dancers are all classically trained, but the repertoire is not “classical” in the sense of Swan Lake or Giselle. I have been privileged to see some amazing performances by many international companies, but one of the most outstanding performances that I have ever seen was BalletBC’s production of Forsythe’s “In the Middle Somewhat Elevated.” It was if the ballet was made for the company. The dancers are strong and supple, and are able to adapt to many different styles. The other thing about the company that is so nice is that there is an opportunity to see many new works—36 ballets in their repertoire are new works. There are also opportunities for company members to spread their chorographic wings and create pieces of their own.


Hope this helps a bit and makes sense…I am still quite jet-lagged. Feel free to ask more questions, and I will do my best to answer. Our city is blessed with three very good training programs for young dancers…BalletBC BalletBC, Goh Ballet Goh Ballet , and Arts Umbrella Arts Umbrella




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