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Ballet Schools in New Mexico - Albequerque

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Ballet Theater of New Mexico and Dance Theater Southwest are both in Albuquerque. There may be other ballet schools in the city, but, to my knowledge, these are the biggest. I was in Albuquerque a couple of years ago and both schools were friendly and welcoming. I just called them before I got to town and explained my situation. I took some classes at each school and was happy with both the quality of the studios and the teaching.

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does anyone know of any good preprofessional schools in Albquerque, NM?

I am from Albuquerque and now New England. New Mexico Ballet brings in great guest teachers and dancers. They perform with the symphony during Nutcracker and produce an incredible "Dracula". I waould call their style more "Balanchine".


Ballet Theatre of New Mexico is smaller, but warm and friendly. They follow a Vaganova style with reach into other techniques. They have several performances a year and often involve the young dancers with the newer original pieces. The are also involved with the schools.


The Public Academy for Performing Arts is a Charter School where students from both ( and other) pre-professional schools go for academics and classes. Lana Kroth is their dance director and is a good neutral source for what is current today. Give them a call.

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