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Just when you thought it was safe to go to sleep


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I had a lovely class last night. Nothing hurt in particular for a nice change; though it was a great workout.

I went home, had my bath and dinner, and watched TV as usual.

At bedtime I thought my knee felt like it needed to pop but it didn't. I should have got up and worked it out.... Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I got up this morning limping on it.

I can put weight on it just fine but it hurts on the forward swing when I walk. It has popped now but that hasn't helped. It hurts just below/under the patella. I don't normally have knee trouble either.

I have heard people say after 40 sleeping can be hazardous and my husband says I sleep like a windmill which should be hazardous but this stinks.

I was considering limping over to my old "folks" water class and working on it without the usual gravity, but I am not sure about that. I certainly wouldn't be the gimpiest person there.

Whine, moan.....




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Now that's an interesting one. I'd apply the Rest, Ice... protocol for about three days, no class or other physical exertion and see what happens. If the pain goes away, then good. If it persists, go to the doctor. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories may also help.

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I did see the Chiropractor today. He does extremity work and he agrees with you, naturally.

He did see some swelling I hadn't noticed so I am resting in front of the computer with an icepack on it.

I am off Ballet class for tomorrow but he did say I could go to my water class instead and concentrate on upper body.

That class is turning out to be really good for morale. I get to do something more days than Ballet is offered, when I can't go to Ballet, and I got a complement on my posture in there the last time I went from a classmate. Another day a man told me I looked like a Ballerina. I am hooked.



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Well It looks like it was my patellar tendon all along, and I did hurt it in class.

It has been a week. My ligaments are fine but I still have some pain and some puffiness.

I have narrowed the offending event to a series of 8 sous-sous on each side (kind of like a box step) where my achilles gave out on a couple of them. The achilles were not hurting for the first time in a while (long term therapy working) but were too weak to hold me up for the exercise and I think the tendon took some strain/impact.

I guess I am still on ice and rest for a while. No point in messing it up long term.

Tendons are such sneaky buggers. They just wait around and surprise you in the morning when you are least expecting it, and just blast you with pain.



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Drudging up an old thread, did this eventually work out?


The reason I searched this, my patellar tendons have been sore lately. Not really pain-pain, but more on the sore side, like when you've runs some sprints and have some sore spots here and there.


I am not really sure what I've done wrong, I do have hyperextended knees, but the tendons only started to feel sore.


Chalk it up to pushing myself more lately...

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