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I've seen many a good skater with great ballet technique. However, I just watched Johnny Weir's short program to "Swan Lake" and have to say it was exquisite...beautiful lines and interpretation.


Anyway, if you'd like to see it (if you missed it). PM me with your e-mail addie and I'll send you the video file.


It's truly awesome.

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I'd just like to add that I wish more of the professional figure skaters would take ballet! For those that do, the difference is noticable: longer lines, gaceful movement. It looks (at least to me, and I am admittedly not an expert) as though many do not and although they execute tricks effectively, I think the sport could be much more beautiful if they took ballet!

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Knock knock! I watched that too last night-absolutely exquisite! I LOVED the way he used his arms and back-so unusual for figure skaters! Did anyone see the profile on him before his skate-he seems like a very cool person as well!

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I agree it was an excellent performance both technically and artistically. Just to clarify, the music was actually "The Dying Swan" by Saint-Saens from Carnival of the Animals. This ballet variation was made famous by Anna Pavlova and then Maya Plisetskya.


Miss S.

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If I can plug a bit...


My husband works (long distance) with Matt Savoie's dad. He is such a talented person in many ways. He just completed his Master's Degree and is entering Cornell Law in the fall. And, yes, he does take ballet (though, I think it is something like Ballet for Skaters, but yes, he does take ballet).



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I also LOVE to watch Sasha Cohen since she used to or is still a dancer. She uses ballet in a lot of her skating, Romeo and Juliet, Don Q., Swan Lake, Grande Pas Deux from Nutcracker. My favorite from her was when she skated to the G.P.D. from the Nutcraker. Absolutly gorgeous!!!!. And her superb lines and extensions, everybody is trying to copy her, but no one can achieve the level that she has set.

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LOL...ah. ;) I missed that but knew it was something to do with a swan...his outfit is swanlike. :) Anyway, the skate was just something to behold...from his jumps to how he used his body...I was nearly speechless (trust me, that doesn't happen often).

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Sasha is from my neck of the woods and started her ballet training and pilates with collegues of mine. She is exceptional and has really raised the barre (pardon the pun :) ) in the skating world to the pointe (another one! I'm on a roll! :giveup: ) where anything less than her beautiful lines and extentions just isn't good enough anymore. Being a former dancer that (excuse my boast) had great stage presence but struggled with extentions, I'm not sure if that's such a good thing. It leaves alot of other talent out of the loop.


Miss S.

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Have you seen Alissa Czisny (butchered that spelling I'm sure). She's also classically trained and she's taller and ballet thin. She, like Sasha, battles consistency...but her lines and extension are exquisite.

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Not sure I've seen her but I'll be watching out for her. I have to say though that I am very impressed with how artistic the men's side of skating is becoming. It's about time that they've taken it up a notch.


Miss S.

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