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ADC - Aug. 20-26

Guest kacy

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It's done. I'll be going to Richmond Adult Dance Camp August 20-26. Are any of the great people around here going then? Would love to have a chance to get to know you.....


Is anyone else a little nervous!??? :shrug:

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It's done.  I'll be going to Richmond Adult Dance Camp August 20-26.  Are any of the great people around here going then?  Would love to have a chance to get to know you.....


Is anyone else a little nervous!???  :shrug:



Hi Kacy (Kathy),


Yep, I just got the e-mail confirmation this morning that I'm registered for the August 20-26 session of ADC. I'm very excited and more than just a little nervous.


I stumbled on to Ballet Talk just a few weeks ago, and it's been a revelation. I was a serious ballet student when I was younger, but gave up the pre-pro track about 14 years ago (I'm 32 now). I have tried to go back many times, but always abandoned it after just a class or two. More than anything, I have struggled with the question of "why?" -- why start dancing again when it's such a painful reminder of the road I didn't take, of the lost possibilities? It became a near-comical cycle of negative thinking for me: I'd have no ballet in my life for a year or two, miss it terribly, get the nerve to go back, love it, but then the angst would set in, the "why bother?" questions would become overwhelming, then I'd quit. Repeat, repeat, repeat, every couple of years.


Anyway, several things in my life are finally coming together such that I think I'm ready to return to ballet in a serious, non-angstful way. Finding Ballet Talk -- particularly the supportive environment of the ABSBB -- has been a big part of that. It's here that I learned of ADC and found the courage to think, "I can do this." And registering for ADC represents a big commitment to returning to regular ballet class. I have 5 months to get myself back in some form of non-horrific shape. No slacking off for me!


This is probably a much more elaborate response than what you were looking for;). But, yes, I'm going to ADC. I'm nervous, excited, anxious, and absolutely thrilled, and I look forward to meeting other adult dancers in the same boat.



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It's great that you have committed to going. I'm really looking forward to meeting you!


I was never as serious as far as being on a pre-pro track, but I majored in Ballet Pedagogy at the University of Oklahoma. I have not danced regularly for almost 23 years (!!) but have in the past 6 mos. returned with a vengance. I have no idea why except that it is a selfish enjoyment that I now cannot get enough of!!


I am 45, pretty seriously out of shape, but working hard to "train" for Richmond...it's a daunting goal, but one that I am so excited about.


There is a ton of great information on the various forums about Richmond and what to expect. I know you'll enjoy reading those if you have not already.


I look forward to meeting you...until then..I'll see you here!

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I'm not but I'm severely jealous. I SO want to go. Perhaps next year (at present, I don't think I'm skilled enough to do it justice).

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