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To dorm or not to dorm... for 18+ year old

Guest Turnout Burnout

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Guest Turnout Burnout

Chances are this is not the appropriate board for this topic, so please move it if necessary to the proper place.


I am currently looking for schools with year round resident programs. I am 18, and so far many of the schools that I find with dorms tend to be for high school students exclusively. I am starting out on my own, so i want to be independent and fiscally conscious.

I know there are Universities and I am keeping them in mind but are there any good ballet schools that provide housing to college age students?

I spent the 04-05 year at Nutmeg Conservatory for the arts, and I noticed that the young adults with thier own housing had more indepedence and personal liberty, however, I was under the impression that it was more expensive to rent an apartment than live in the dorm. Is this true? Or would it even out to be the same in the end?


Thanks a lot,

Turnout Burnout

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Have you checked out NCSA? They have a college program with dorms or apartments. Your dance classes are with the high school students but your academics are college only. They also have a program for a ballet certificate or diploma without taking academics.

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Turnout Burnout, I'm wondering if you've seen this thread: Post Grad (as in post high school) Year Round Training which is over on the Careers General Discussion section. It may be helpful. :lol:


I'm not quite clear in this thread if you are really asking about living at a residential program - in their dorms vs an apartment or if you're looking for a program that is geared towards high school grads who are not interested in college, yet. If it's the later - I think this thread I've given you a link to might be a good one to read and post on. :)

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