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Today I went to class not feeling 100%, I figured I could just take barre, so I told my instructor I wasn't feeling too well, and that I might excuse myself after barre. After plies I felt really dizzy, and after tendus I could tell I wouldn't make it through center. But after degagees I felt like someone had put a hand blender into my stomach and I had to leave class. This really disappoints me because I have to miss both my Saturday classes since I will be in Texas.


I also got new pointe shoes, which felt great when I got them, my teacher said great. I sewed the elastics- they just didn't feel right, so I took them off, now I have to do them again. Sewing elastics takes me about an hour, and ribbons another hour. I am definetly not quick at it.


Now as I am feeling the shoe on my feet for a long period of time, the box is putting a lot of pressure onto my big toe on my left foot, and I feel like I am gripping with my right foot. They feel fine on pointe, a little more pressure on my toes then I am used to, but are not very comfortable on flat. I'm not sure if this is just because they are new, and I don't remember what new shoes are like, or because they just aren't good. Either way, I will have to at least try to dance in them, because (They are the same shoes as I am already wearing...)


The only good news is I got a new leotard and it is SO comfortable and makes me look really slender. To bad I didn't get to wear it for a whole class.

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