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Advice: Logging Off and On when Sharing a Computer


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For those who share a computer with a friend or family member who also posts on this discussion board...OR who are using a computer in a public setting - as in a computer lab, school computer, library or cyber cafe - don't forget to log off of this site when you're finished because the next person who comes on to the board may end up inadvertantly posting their comments under your screen name.


It happens fairly often with parents and their kids, but sometimes with friends or school mates, too. :sweating: This has been discussed in more detail: Two Members Sharing the Same Computer where more helpful information can be found. :innocent:

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  • 10 months later...

Question: If I accidentally post under someone else's screen name because they didn't log off, is there any way to delete the post? Or should I just edit it?


I actually did this just now--posted under dd's name :wink: I will certainly check now before I post!


Desert Lily

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It's okay, DesertLily, it happens. You may make a post on the same topic under your own name and ask a moderator to delete the post under your daughter's name, or you can just edit all the text out, but the post and her name will remain there until one of us sees it and deletes it.

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Thank you...I notice that my erroneous post got deleted. I'm glad you keep the boards "clean" of mistakes.


Desert Lily

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