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Guest pinkroses

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Guest pinkroses

Okay - I've decided to start the ultimate ballet joke thread! There are a lot of cute ballet jokes out there and I can't really share them with non-ballet friends - they just wouldn't understand. So here's the place to post any ballet jokes that you feel like sharing! I'll start:


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These following ones I made up all though I have heard variations on them before.


Why do ballerinas throw the greatest parties?

Cause they always have the best turnout.


What do hip-hop and ballet have in common?

They both involve a strong attitude.


What boats do ballet dancers take?

The Sugarplum Ferry


Why did the ballerina spend $100 on a hairpiece?

Because she wanted the best extension.


What do you call a ballet class that's all on flat?

Pointeless (just kiddin'....)


Okay that's it for now!


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