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Adult Ballet in Grand Rapids, MI area??

Guest sautesdechats

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Guest sautesdechats

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this post...


I'm trying to find a really good ballet studio in the Grand Rapids, MI area to restart classes...I'm 27 and haven't had ballet classes for 10 years. :thumbsup: At my peak, I was a member of a locally (Mississippi Gulf Coast) known ballet ensemble.


Since high school, I've had training in various ballroom dances, belly dancing, and yoga. I really miss the feelings that ballet classes gave me (the focus, gracefulness...yes, even the skinned, sore toes :wacko: )...ballet has always been my first love. :wub:


I would like to eventually work my way back into pointe classes. I've heard that it's difficult to find studios that will teach adult pointe. I would definitely be willing to take class with teens, if no adult pointe is available.


I am a very serious, hard-working student when it comes to classes...but I have no expectations of becoming a professional...it's just for my own appreciatation of the art and my pure enjoyment of it. :D


Any suggestions/advice that any of you can give me in finding a good studio around here would be GREATLY appreciated!! THANKS!!



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Have you contacted Grand Valley State University? I know they have a dance program. If there aren't classes available for you there they may have a suggestion for local studios.


Best of luck in your search!

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