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For the past cpouple weeks in ballet class, I've been getting a cramp right under my rib. It only happens when I jump or leap though. And usually I do the combination over and over again before it happens. Is there a way I can make this pain go away?

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Hmmmm, I've never really thought about that...i'll be sure to try it next time I go to class. Thank you!! Also, I've heard that some people eat bananas to prevent cramps-is this just a story or can they really help?

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Yes, they can help, because they contain potassium, which helps with cramps. But usually we are talking about leg or foot cramps. The kind you are describing is more likely what they used to call a "stitch", and you get them running or swimming or doing things where you forget to breathe, like fast petit allegro or long grand allego combinations. :thumbsup:

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Thats exactly when it happens(or used to). I took your advide and the cramping hasn't happened yet, it really helps me concentrate more on dnacing-thank you! :(

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After a long, hard class where I am working really hard I sometimes get a cramp in my neck. Its always on the right side. Do you have any ideas about what causes it? :(

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It seems to me that you're probably tensing the muscle on the right side of the neck out of habit. It could also be related to port de bras, particularly in arabesque. You'll have to learn to isolate the muscles that you're not working, and relax them.

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Just in the last 3 classes I've taken I've been getting cramps in my feet...what are the causes for this? (and I'm guessing breathing won't help fix it! :( ). It's like my foot is pointed and then some of the muscles don't want to un-pointe.

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Charley-horse, AKA muscle spasm. Probably caused by overworking a muscle in the foot that's not used to getting worked, rightly or wrongly. Make sure that you're not clenching your feet as you stand. Dehydration and potassium shortage may also be contributing to the situation.

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That's what I do after excersises. I hope it goes away and i hope it's not me working my foot wrongly.

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