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Ok, I'm in a studio that offers a type of dancing called acrobatics. It's basically gymnastics without the beam, bars or vault. Just the floor. Will this in anyway hurt my ballet dancing? Will it help it? I'd really hate to give it up, but if it's affecting ballet-it's gotta stop.

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Unfortunately, I am familiar with acrobatics in name only. having never actually seeing an acrobatics class, it is difficult to make an assessment. There may be some benefits to overall physical fitness, flexibility and coordination, however this activity may not be the most beneficial to someone studying ballet on a professional level. :yes:

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Thank you vrsfanatic. But I was thinking a little bit more along the lines of-will I be building muscles where muscles shouldn't be built, such as my shoulders. Just to clarify it a little bit more, acrobatics is like back-handsprings and front-walkovers and such. ! I guess I sort of new the answer was to give it up, but I wanted to get a second opinion. Thanks.



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I am aware of what acrobatics are from the performance standpoint however I have never seen an actual class. Acrobatics is not a class offered at any professional schools of ballet that I know. :yes:

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