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anyone know where i could find a ballet online? something that would play in windows media player or something like that. doesn't really matter what ballet, i would like swan lake, the nutcracker, carnival of animals, paquita, or la bayadere mostly but anything will do. it is for a school presentation and i wanted to show parts of a ballet for it but i can't bring in a video or anything because it's a powerpoint presentation type thing.

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Try this link:

Grand Pas from Don Q


And this one:

Polina Semionova


And this one:

Greta Hodgkinson


And this one:

Various historical pieces

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The link for this one is at the bottom of the page



This has modern, and contemporary and classical ballet



This one shows clips for their videos


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Aww!! I was in the Bossov Ballet Theater 2003 "Le Corsaire" performance! It's such a memory! OH MY GOOOOOSH!!! The Greta video for the Sleeping Beauty Pas almost made me cry it is so beautiful!!

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I don't know about the little swans, but if you run a google search for "prix de laussanne" (I hope I spelled that right?) you can see archives of ENTIRE competition finals... which is terrific if you want to watch a series of teenagers dancing Kitri from Don Q....

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Alas, the Corsaire dancer with the fantastic rivoltade has vanished from videobalet.net


Does anyone know who it was? He had the initials DM and the video was called: DM_COR_2



At the moment there are a bunch of Ekaterina Maximova clips. Now there's a study in what has changed over the years! Check out the Spartacus and Walpurgis Nacht clips.... there's a consciousness of what dancing is that goes beyond the consciousness of perfect line that often passes for principal dancing these days. I'm ready to give up a little in visual form to get back that playful energy that she had.

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Youtube.com has LOTS of ballet videos you can watch online. Just type in the word "ballet" or the name of a ballet or the name of a dancer.


The famous "Polina" music video is on there as well as a couple of others of her.

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I have some that might interest you:


Jose Carreño and Susan Jaffe in the Black Swan pas de deux:



Yulia Makalina and Igor Selensky in the Black Swan pas de deux:



Jose Martinez in La Sylphide:



Julio Bocca and Alessandra Ferri in the Balcony pas from Romeo and Juliet:



Nutcracker Coda:



I'll post more later...

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Hi. Here's more!


Part of Jardin Animee from Le Corsaire (Kirov I think):



How to make a pointe shoe:



Alicia Alonso in


Don Quixote: http://www.portalatino.com/lanzamientos/Al...htm/video05.htm


Giselle: http://www.portalatino.com/lanzamientos/Al...htm/video03.htm


Swan Lake (Black Swan): http://www.portalatino.com/lanzamientos/Al...htm/video04.htm


Coda from Swan Lake with Angel Corella and Gillian Murphy (in the top left corner) :



Some La Fille Mal Gardee from the Royal Ballet: http://eballetshop.com/pds/data/chapter_11_b.wmv


Variations from "Born to Be Wild : the Leading Men of ABT":




A Doll from the Shanghai Ballet's Coppelia:



Baryshnikov and Harvey in the Wedding pas de deux in Don Quixote:



I hope that includes some of the things that you wanted!

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