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wOw!!! Thanks so much for sharing all of these links! I am so excited to let my dd know that these are available to watch, see will go crazy!! Now all I have to do is to find a few hours to sit down with her and watch them all together! I just stumbled upon this thread, and what a wealth of information. Thanks!!

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http://thsun1.jinr.ru/~smond/forum/Ivan/Ivan_DQs.mpg here you can download a video of Ivan Vasiliev, Moscow International Competition winner(junior) in DQ(Basil)



I have mixed feelings about posting these here as I can't imagine that all the permissions could have been cleared... however, perhaps posting them on a forum like this, if it is illegal, allows the culprit to be caught sooner. They're mostly very short excerpts, perhaps there was some sort of press clearance. Here's a striking




Baryshnikov in Roland Petit's "Carmen"

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And here's the site of someone whose videos were illegally posted on youtube.com.

I recommend paying his own site a visit:


Daniil Simkin http://www.daniilsimkin.com/



.......... he's got some excellent videos there of his entry at Varna & Helsinki

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:yes: wOw! Thanks for the info about Daniil Simkin's website. THis kid is AMAZING for being only 17!! He obviously has really really good 'ballet blood' if you read on his website as to who his father and mother are! He very well may be the one to watch as the years go on ... what a talented dancer, he just flows and he's got the entire package. Wonderful!!
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Amy Reusch

And here's a beautiful video of Allesandra Ferri & Sting... (dancing starts about halfway in).



Okay, I want to buy this one!! How? Where?

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Do you have this trouble with all videos that you try to watch? If you are running a firewall on your computer, you may have to disable it in order to see videos.


Or, your ISP may be providing slower service than those videos require. Do you have dial-up or DSL?


Other people have tried just letting it take its' time and eventually, the videos play.

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Thank you very much Clara 76 for your help. It just happens with the Russian website called Video album and Danil Smikin website .Our connection is broadband.(Is that DSL?)

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Guest Nefertari

Just found this, sorry if I'm re-posting something!


For some reason, most links I've found for the Polina Semionova music video are no good. So, another link to a good-quality version (it looks lovely when enlarged):




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Amy Reusch

Okay, I'm now as addicted to youtube.com as I am to Ballet Talk!


Here are some tips on how to surf youtube...


Search for "ballet" and you get some random ballet clips... some are recitals...


HOWEVER, if you search for "Ballet" and then click to sort them by the date they were added, you find the clips clustered as they were uploaded... in other words, it becomes easy to page past the clusters of recital videos.


IF you find a video you like, click on the name of the person who uploaded... if they have good taste in ballet clips, they will often have several that they have uploaded... and their profile lists their favorite clips other people have posted (another great source)...


I love this short clip of Ekaterina Shipulina doing a variation from Esmerelda:


And this nice character class demonstration? from the Kirov school: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIAtWyhmgWw

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Okay, this is probably a stupid question but, here goes:


How do you work youtube.com??? I really want to watch these clips that I've found, but I can't figure it out. Do you have to be a member to view the videos? I can't seem to get to the right place. Someone please help me!

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It is most likely something with your browser, computer, or firewall/anti-virus program.


It should be about as simple as clicking on the video or the link to the video you wish to see, and it should open for you.


Some websites are designed to only be used with Internet Explorer. If you're already using TE, check your firewall/anti-virus program. It could be as simple as unchecking a box in one of those programs.


Anyone else have any suggestions?

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More viewing suggestions (is that what you meant?):


Yuri Vladimirov doing the Bluebird Variation


Guondong Acrobatics' Swan Lake



Matvienko in Corsaire


Lucia Lacarra in Val Caniparoli's "Lady of the Camillias"



Baryshnikov with those beautiful floating jumps



Alina Somova

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