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What is a theraband?


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Hi, I was just noticing that in alot of the posts people talk about therabands. I think I have an idea of what they are-a long, stretchy, rubber string-and I think I might even have one, but I have no idea how to use it. Can anyone help? I kinda wanted to know how to use it on my feet.

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It's really not a string, but a fairly wide band of elastic material. It comes in different colors which represent different strengths. There is a starter kit offered by Gaynor Minden, with a booklet of how to use them, but I found the problem with their therabands is that they are not strong enough. You can get them from a Physical Therapist or Therapy supply place, and in some dancewear catalogues and stores.

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Thank you! I actually do have the Gaynor Minden band! I thought thats what it might be, but I didn't really see any exercises for my feet when I flipped through the book. Anyone have any suggestions??

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