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MFA Programmes in Choreography and/or Pedagogy


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I am interested in MFA programmes in choreography and/or pedagogy in the US and elsewhere. Especially departments that focus on ballet. I have SMU in mind, but the prospectus/website don't give much information.

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I just find this on ABT web link to NYU.





NYU and ABT entered into a partnership to offer the first ever graduate program in Dance Education with a concentration in Ballet Pedagogy. You must audition to get into the program.


I was wondering what part of the dance population would take this avenue. If is retiring dancer why would they have a audition.

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I cannot speak for the ABT program at NYU, but for the pedagogy program to the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia all interested foreign applicants must do an audition/interview process. Pedagogy programs can be physically very difficult and intellectually, very challenging. Studying pedagogy is not for everyone.


Whatever pedagogy program you choose, make sure you can support what is being taught. :wink:

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State Univ. of NY at Purchase (Purchase College) has a well-respected MFA in Choreograpy. My dd will attend there in the fall for the BFA program in Choreography and may double-major in Dance Pedagogy. I don't know the details of the MFA programs, other than they use all the BFA students in their pieces. :o

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As in the music field, most likely these types of programs seek to justify their own existences by implying that former performers are not "qualified" to teach without certain degrees. This is nonsense. Also, these degrees will credential someone to teach who may or may not have been a very good performer. I would ask to see a list of former graduates and how they are currently earning a living before enrolling. The world is loaded with credentialed music teachers who were failed performers and needed to find a job.

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