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Can you help me Ms deVor?

Guest costumier

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Guest costumier

Hi Ms deVor


This probably isn't the right place to post, if you could move it to the appropriate forum I'd appreciate it.


My dd has had a tendonitis of the tibialis posterior, which appears to be related in part to ill-fitting character shoes. Unfortunately only one style is available here, so we'll need to order over the internet.


The podiatrist says she needs a straight last, firm through the midsole but flexible at the forefoot. The major problem with the old ones was the last was too curved, causing dd to roll in, even though she doesn't normally roll. DD has a giselle foot with short toes and a high profile, fairly low arches, a flexible foot with hypermobile ligaments, wide at the metatarsals but narrow-medium at the heel.


Can you recommend a shoe for her, or tell me who can make recommendations for suitable character shoes? Thank you very much.

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I know very little about character shoes. I made pointe shoes for awhile and specialize in fitting pointe shoes. Perhaps another parent will have some ideas.

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Character shoes are made very like street shoes. What brand of shoe was she using before? If all else fails, you could have her character shoes made by a local shoemaker who specializes in orthopedic footwear.

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Capezio used to do custom character shoes. It sounds to me like you're going to have to invest in some of the top-line character shoes.


Check out these from Freed:

Freed character shoes


Freed New Yorker


Or these from Capezio:



New Yorker


Hope that helps!

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Guest costumier

Thanks everybody,


Yes maybe we will have to get some custom-made. DD loves character and has very good footwork so it's an area of strength for her, I wouldn't want her to have to give it up. It seems crazy when you can get 101 varieties of pointe shoe and ONE character shoe! I'll keep checking this thread for any further suggestions. Thanks again.

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