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Repertoire Day at ENB


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"pointe shoes may not be worn to any of the levels."



No pointe shoes allowed?!


Yup, you heard right. I asked last year and they said 'no, not necessary, we don't do pointe'.


So there you are! Such a good floor for pointe though....


But I think they are being smart - as they only offer one class a week for their 'regulars' and for this type of event they wouldn't know our backgrounds and stuff - easier than going around and telling people to take off their shoes or sitting in fear that someone would get hurt.

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I'm just about to send my form off, but it doesn't actually mention the cost anywhere on it. Is it definitely £10?

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Im quite certain you are correct, the one i attended last year was the same price a friend of mine confirmed the cost last night. Does seem too good to be true :)

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Yep it's £10 for the repertoire day, it's on the "tick which one you want" section at the bottom of the form which I didn't post.






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Well im such a kid :blink:

I do believe we have six weeks untill the next ENB day!

Im really looking forward to it, the whole thing, especially having the chance to watch rehersals B)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think it has been such a long time since I posted last on here! CRAZY!


I will be at the ENB day... and I might be starting work in London in April, so advise on the best classes to go to would be great!


I will be in Bank, any classes around that area?


Missed you all xx :) xx

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Well Jenny


Depends what you want ?? do you want termly or drop in. I work in Aldgate about 10 mins away from Bank. I do the ENB class on Tuesday, then Wednesday and Thursday I do classes at Morley College. The college is at Waterloo so very easy to get to and the classes are good value @ £56 per term.




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Bad news - I just received a letter from ENB, the day is booked up, they are only taking 30 students :)

They returned my payment.

Has anyone else had any problems?

Good to have you back Jen :clapping:

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I am really sorry to hear that, Natalie has mentioned that the classes are now very popular. There was a feature about the classes in Saturday Telegraph magazine. Afterwards she said the phone never stopped ringing with people wanting details.



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Tara, I guessed that may of been the case.

I think these repertoire days have been a fairly recent occurance and there is such a demand. Im not suprised that they are growing more popular, just disapointed as I hadnt even imagined they would be booked up a month in advance.

Also I missed the opportunity last autumn and have been waiting a whole year for the next day to be announced!

Maybe they should make these days a regular feature :)

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They do seem to be getting very popular. Mime only piece of advice is send your form of straight away. May be one day we will meet face to face.



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Ooh It's such a shame that it's already full up I really wanted to go. :)


I'm signed up to hear about the future ones now though.

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Morley College sounds good - what are the classes like, who are they taught by?


I might do the English National Ballet classes as well, are they similar to the ones I have attended at the open days in the past.


Cassy - OH NO! I was looking forward to seeing you again :)



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Hi Jenny,


I'm a lurker rather than a poster usually, but I wanted to second the Morley College recommendation. I've been taking classes there for a year, and of all the places I've been the classes there are my favourites.


There are quite a few teachers there but I've only had two of them (both good). The classes are divided up into five levels - intro, basic, improvers 2, improvers 3 and advanced. For all the levels above intro you're supposed to be assessed to see which class would be right. Some of the higher level classes teach the IDTA intermediate performers syllabus, but the rest are free/non-syllabus but style depends on the teacher. There is also the opportunity to be assessed and use the classes as vocational training. Oh and the atmosphere is really nice and the classes I've taken have been quite small and very friendly :) I'm not sure whether their full prospectus is on line but class details are: http://www.morleycollege.ac.uk/


I've been doing the ENB level 1 classes this term too, and fortunately for me managed to book a place for the rep day. It's a shame there aren't enough places for everyone who wants one. I would love to meet some other grown-up ballet people (my daughter's little friends don't really count!).



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