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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Repertoire Day at ENB


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Not sure what to wear yet?

Will look out for you all and meet up with Tara and Fish at South Kensington B)

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Hey Tara & Fish! I'll see you there - but I think I'll ber coming from a different direction (coming in from Euston). Do we just go to the ENB entrance in the Mews first? I've lost my bit of paper with the programme :( .


Probably maroon leotard, grey warm ups & pink tights. And my red coat over the whole thing.

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Hi People!


I had a brilliant time at ENB yesterday, the teacher was amazing - I believe her name was Laura?? Correct me if i'm wrong.


It makes me realise how much I miss doing Ballet when i'm on Easter Breaks and half term. I am currently having a mad google search for all classes I can go to!


Cassy - we will definitely have to meet up to go to some open classes together, and maybe some shopping and a bite to eat!


And sorry to those how PM'd me, I would have loved to meet before at the tube, but I didn't check this board before I left - silly me.


J x

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Yes, it was great fun - a really easy class, but one which got us nicely warmed up and placed, and then fun learning part of the waltz from Swan Lake. Again, very easy - just lots of balancés & ballotés (although I got the impression that ballotés were relatively new for some people), but lots of fun. The final showings with people arranged across the stage looked really great. Proof that really simple choreography can look very effective.


And the teacher was Laura Hussey - a First Artist with the company I think. Wasn't her enthusiasm & sense of humour terrific? She seemed to enjoy teaching, and wasn't too hard on out collective inadequacy.


And wasn't it a privilege to see the full company in rehearsal? Lots of dancers to swoon over .... and what about the amazing turns that some of the men were just casually practicing in the corners ... :D

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Wasn't it fun? I'm still smiling.....It was fantastic the way so many people who'd only just learned the steps came together so well as a group at the end. Everyone looked great!

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I was the one in a burgundy halter neck leo and black leggings, short dark hair - I said hello to the people I spotted but don't know what you look like Jenny!

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Hi dianec! Sorry we didn't get much of a chance to talk in the middle of working out that tricky turning balance! Thanks for saying hello.

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I had a fab time too - wish I'd managed to work out exactly who all the ballet-talkers were though! I had to run off straight after, so didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to those I did meet :green:


Also wanted to apologise to Fish, Tara & Cassy for crashing their meet at South Ken, hope that was okay!


sunflower (laura)


p.s. don't know that I'd call the class "really easy" - but I've only been doing ballet for a year. Ballotés were indeed new to me!

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I had a great time and felt so lucky to manage to get a place :D

It was great to meet you all, I was only sorry that there wasnt more time to chat and get to know each other better.


Sunflower - it was great meeting up with you, at least we had bit of a chat on the way there :blink:

Im the same - ballotes were new to me too :blushing:


Dianec, did we meet up, spoke to quite a few people and am terrible with names! :D


Tara and Fish - when is your next performance?

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