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Is there anywhere buried in this forum where any of you have photos posted? I've gotten to know some of you and learned a lot from others and always wonder, what does he/she look like?


Would it be possible to describe yourself and/or post a link to a picture? I LOVE to look at dance photos (I myself don't have any of me doing ballet, but I do have a ballroom pic or two).


Feel free to share... :(

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Great idea! I hope that thread is allowed though- I am a little afraid to be the first one posting.... but here we go...


Concerning photos I actually have one in my profile here at BT. Just click on "Card"!

It was taken 7 years ago when I was 15 dancing in the Snow Corps in Nut.

I should really have more recent ballet pictures taken!


Here is a non dancing picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v663/fuziklein/shului2.jpg


and here a picture from a theater performance (playing the part of Lady Bracknell in Oscar Wilde`s "The Importance of being Earnest"):


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Personally, I'm really curious about Lampwick and Pink Tights and Mel and Jimpickles. Pretty please?

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Note : This is for openminded people only so mods feel free to remove if inapropriote.


Looks if I am the first male to post :P


I only dance for fun and when it comes to dance I cross the gender line and dress the same as the girls in class. I have two wonderfull teaches and clasmates who support me in this.


My dance album ( Warning all fotos are cross dressed )


My album




Freddie :o

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Great turnout Freddie! I live in Portland, OR, where many crossdressers and transitioning people live and everyone's pretty cool about it. TemptressToo- your pic made me miss FL. I love your hair! Shulie looks like a dancer and Jans is beautiful. I just got a digital camera- once I figure out how to post pictures, I will.

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Well since Temptresstoo has put in a special request I'll respond. I have extensive web pages on my hobbies "dance, yoga and contortion" - go to Jims dance pages at www.uqconnect.net/otherlife for a look. If you want to see me, look at the yoga pages for pics of me in knots, or (most of) the dance pages. Some of the contortion photos in particular (not of me I should add before you go there) are amazing. If you want to find out about my work, you can go to My Work Webpage at www.uq.edu.au/pickles.


I also think the ladies who've posted look VERY glamorous!


At least I have a FEW faces to put the screen names to now!! So thank you to those who've posted so far!



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jimpickles: I'm extremely envious; I can only wish to be as flexible as you are!! :blink: Maybe I really should stretch. B)


missvjc420: thanks for your compliment! :blushing:

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Jimpickles...I'm MUCHO impressed. Wow that is flexible which must be such a great contributor to ballet. I used to take yoga weekly but gave it up...might have to get back into it (I DID love it). Thanks for the inspiration.

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That's a really good idea.


You look all great in your pictures!


Me in a performance two years ago (yeah know, it is old but I still look the same) BTW I have the clothe made all by myself (even design)




An Arabesque in a clothe I have stolen from my sister and extremly hard brandnew pointes (I called them "bricks")




I don't know why I always have to turn my eyes to the ceiling in pictures.... B)


A non-dacing picture, last fall in Berlin




What I am holding in my hand....that's not milk, it is water in a tetrapack (never seen this before)

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