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When I was 5, I took ballet as an afterschool program in Junior Kindergarten. I loved it and decided to take weekly lessons at my local studio. I danced with a friend for five more years, but then I quit. The only reason I quit was becuase my friend did, and I didn't want to do dance alone (I was very shy then, not anymore though) I realize now that it was stupid of me to quit just becuase of my friend, and I really want to dance again. I've been out of it for about three years now. My studio's sessions start fresh in August, so that's when I'm going to start dancing again (I don't wanna start right in the middle, being less experienced than people my own age). I have a few questions though...


1) Does anyone here own the NYC Ballet workout book (i'm not sure if that's the exact name)? Would that help me stay in shape until August?


2) Also, should I do a Summer Intensive if I haven't danced in 3 years? Or are those only for experienced dancers ... ?


Any input is graciously accepted!! :(

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Hello RBT dancer, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


I think that an out of town summer intensive, would probably be out of the question for you right now. But hopefully your home studio will have some classes that could work for you. The sooner you start, the better! :(

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If I could start right now, believe me, I would! But they are about to cast for their spring performance so now wouldn't be the best time to go. But thank you for your advice!

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But summer would be better than sometime in August! So, try to get in if you can :(

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