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What are avatars and how do you use them? :D I saw them on my control panel, and I selected one and pressed update, but nothing happened. :) I was hoping to figure out what they do.... :D

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An avatar is an additional graphic imported from another site. We use enough bandwidth as it is without having this capability enabled, but we can't get it delisted without doing major damage to the software.

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Is it possible to use an avatar from another site? If so, how? No offense, but none of your currently available avatars suits me (not that I'm too :( for you -- I just have a particular favorite I want to use).


Thanks for your help!

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No. Avatars use up too much bandwidth, and we just had to change our software contract with the the board host, because we use so much of it as is.

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thanks for your answer -- happy to do without just for the privilege of being on the website! :(

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