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8am class, NYC???


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Does anyone happen to know of a very early morning class in NYC (I've checked all the studios I normally take class at...)--the aim would be to make it into work at 10...



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8am? No, does not exist. There is 9AM class MTuThF with John Prinz at Broadway Dance Center. Class is well worth the time. That will get you into work by 11am (or earlier if you work near Columbus Cr), but not 10.


I once gave a private dance lesson, in a studio, at 2AM. It was weird.

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Alright--I suppose there isn't one then. I thought I had heard rumors of a friend of a friend who found one, but who knows. I was just looking for an option for days when I either work a second job in the evening or have an event to attend --- ahh welll, at least there is yoga before work.

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