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Soft shoe question


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My toes are all different lengths and one of them sticks out of my ballet shoe as soon as humanly possible and i was wondering if there were ballet shoes made for people like me. My big toe is shorter than my second and then they slope downwards. As soon as my shoes are worn down my toes stick out the ends of my shoes. If there is nothing i can do, i am getting new shoes very soon. Thanks B)

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Capezio Juliets tend to run long in the vamp, which is what you're looking for. Also, Bloch slippers have a tendency this way.

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*** *** Knock knock *** ***


Major Mel beat me to that response. I will also suggest trying this for a better fit for your toes. Go up on half size in the Juliet YET DECREASE the width you would usually take. Sometimes that will help. Adding a bit of length in the canvas Juliets usually doesn't make them too long in the fit if the width is reduced.


This just recently worked in fitting this slipper for my DD. The new fitting retained the lean and close-hugging fit that she wants. I would tend to believe that a similar adjustment would work if you prefer the leather.


Please let us know if this works out for you.

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Yep, yep! Good thinking! Take the half-size larger and make up for it in width. You'll probably have to do a little more trying-on than you would expect with soft shoes, but that can work. Experiment a little.

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