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I'm sorry to say this, but my first class in England was aweful. Well, I am a beginner dancer, and have only been dancing since May 2005. I have also recently moved to England, and on Thursday I had my first class in England with the RAD sylibus. I was put into a grade five class, which worried me because of having to struggle, a bit, but I was excited. I went to my first class, and it was a complete dolly dinkle school. The classes were in this ballroom, and they didn't even have a mirror! Some of the students had a port de bras that made me cringe (one example being one girl having her arms in second and her fingers were practically pointing towards the floor. May I also add that no one corrected her. Another girl had trouble with a sauté arabesque combination and she was on pointe in the class afterward!!) I cannot believe I ended up in such a "school" And to top it off, it was the easiest class I had ever taken in my life. I cannot wait until I can sprint, not run, to a new school.


Sorry that was so long, I just had to vent. Oh, and I'm terribly sorry if this is on the wrong board. Please delete if needed. I just had to write/type it all down...



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Tillie, that is so sad, but the good news is that you know enough to know a good school from a bad school and do something about it! Even with so little training, you seem to have a good idea of what is needed, and obviously they did not have it. Good for you :) Let us know when you find a good school!

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Guest lightupthestage7

I feel bad for you, tillie. If I had to go through that, I would probably get more upset than you did. As Ms. Leigh said, though, at least you know a good school from a bad one. I hope you find a better school soon. :-)

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Thank you so much! I am currently looking around for good schools. I'll let you know when I find one! :shrug:

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i don't know how old this post is, but where in london are you? Do you really want to do RAD syllabus because my school doesn't do that, but it's also not dolly dinkle. It's based out of danceworks, i don't know if you've heard of that but I'm sure you've heard of oxford street. it's really near there. its website is www.thewestlondonschoolofdance.co.uk

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That sounds really good. The only problem is that I'm in South London and my dad will not drive me all the way. Hes not very supportive of my dancing. He was annoyed that I wanted to do so much ballet in London. See, I'm from Boston and I came here for school experience. I am greatly considering going back to Boston where I can do 19 hours of ballet a week. And this is all technique because I'm not on pointe yet. This is plan number one and I hope it works out. If my father was willing to transport me I would most deffinately greatly consider your school. It's just that my dad seems to have something against my dancing... :)

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Update: I'm going back to Boston in three weeks where I can attend a good school which I already know of and continue on the path to what will very hoppefully end up as a ballet career. I'm very excited! I canot wait to start attending a real school again! :sweating:

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Good for you Tillie! :( I dance at the Nutmeg,so i am not that far away from you,what school are you going to attend? :D


Nutmegdancer :innocent:


PS,i think that was awsome how you showed your true feelings,if you just wanted to dance for the fun of it,you probably wouldn't of cared,i can tell how passionate you are for dancing. :thumbsup:

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Oh thank you! I'm really excited. I'm probably going to be going to the Lexington School of Ballet which is supposed to be very good. I've only danced for a year, but after I get some good grounding there I'll try and get into a pre -proffesional school. :D

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Update: ok! i'm moving on friday! intensive classes begin next monday! hooray! i'm so excited! let the real classes begin again! :thumbsup:

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It is actually! For now anyways. Did you like it? Was it good? :thumbsup:

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I was only there for a year when I was younger. I only had experience with one of the teachers, who was very good. If you need any suggestions for other schools in that area, I would be happy to give you some. HTH :)

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Yeah. I don't know how long term I'll go there. Hopefully until I can get into a really good school because I haven't been dancing too long so auditions are kinda out of the question at the moment. im hoping to get a solid grounding there and then apply for some good schools. Do you know any other places in the area which do not require audition that are good? Thanks! :innocent:

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