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Ballet schools in Alabama - Birmingham


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We live in Texas but will be spending spring break in Birmingham. We have family there and usually go a couple of times a year and I would really love to know of a good school there where she might be able to take a couple of classes while in town.

If it helps she is 12...takes ballet 5 days a week now and will be attending ABT Tuscaloosa this summer.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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The best place in Bham to take classes is the Alabama Ballet School. They offer classes several days a week and you just pay by the class. They also have ABT connections, as the AD and the Ballet Master were both ABT dancers!


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thanks so much Toby. I actually just found them on the web but you know you cant really tell from a website. Thanks again, Ill call tomorrow and check on the possibility of her taking something there while we're in town.

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Toby...just wanted to thank you for the recommendation of Alabama Ballet School they were wonderful about letting her come take classes and trying to figure out the best class fit for her. She really enjoyed it and was happy she didnt have to take the whole week off. Now we have a place for her to take classes when we go home to visit family.


Thanks again!!!

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I know this is a somewhat older topic but I think I have some information that might be helpful for future school seekers on this forum. I just tried a workshop over this weekend at Stevan Grebel Center for Dance, and I really enjoyed it.

The studio is a somewhat small building, but the training is very good. If you want something less corporate, I recommend this studio. They have a pre-professional division and are very open to training students of varying backgrounds. They are based in Pelham, AL which is very close to Birmingham.


You can find out more about them at their website here: http://www.grebeldance.com/

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Ginnia, the website shows nothing about the school, the schedule, the faculty, the director, or anything. The link at the bottom to the Arts Council site does not work.

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Ms. Leigh--the site is hard to navigate, you can find a Enter Site link on the far right side (you'll have to scroll over to find it, it's hidden) which does take you to some further information



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Oh good, thank you! Will check it out.


Okay, it does look like a good program. Now they need to make the website a bit more user friendly. :)

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Yes, that is a better link, thank you!

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