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Guest Eparkes



Does anyone know if the way you feel about yourself can effect how you dance? Currently, I feel like I'm one of the worst dancers in my class. I am not naturally flexible and can't do everything perfectly.




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I feel the same way, i think it might actually really affect the way you dance. You probally dont even know this but probally everyone in the class thinks your amazing! The thing is when you dance without confidence i dont think the audience sees that you are amazing instead they see someone who is worried. But you are probally amazing... :shrug:

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Something that has helped me is to remember is that you really shouldn't compare yourself to others all the time. After all, people are different, learn at different rates, and have different natural abilities. It might take you a bit longer to learn something than it takes someone else to learn the same step. But that doesn't make you a worse dancer. And certaintly, the most important thing is to be the best dancer that YOU can be. One can never reach perfection...

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Being REALISTICALLY self-critical, without harping on failure, is one of the most difficult-to-obtain skills needed for a dancer. You can't dance well if you don't feel well, and that goes for psychologically as well as physically. As the old song says: "Accentuate the positive!"

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Guest pointeshoesrox

I am not verry confident as well, but what my friend at dance said has really helped me: " Every one at this studio is here for the same reason, no one is perfect, we are all here to get better and dance". I have gotten a lot better since I have let myself stop trying to be absoulty perfect and not wanting to make a fool out of my self. I think its the hardest thing about dance to is just to be confident in what your doing!

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don't dwell on your mistakes correct them and just dance like you are one of the best! Often expression helps soooo much. I have one teacher who was constantly correcting me partially because my pointe shoes where so messed up that everything looked awful but also I think because all the time I was dancing I was always thinking...now here come the sisonnes and shes going to say something is wrong or.-.. why do I always do so badly in this class. Now I just dance trying to make it beautiful and accentuate the good things about me and it works! So far I've only gotten positve comments...might be because my new shoes show what I really can do...but still...

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When I dance, I try to show how much I love to dance. There are a couple really good "technicians" in my class- they can ALWAYS get the steps right on. But, as my teacher says, if you wanted to see a mechanic, you'd go down to Jiffy Lube. Not watch ballet! If you dance your heart out, it covers over a world of technical deficiancies. The important thing to remember is that technique is a means to your true goal: being able to perfectly express yourself through ballet. Trust me, I don't have great extensions myself, nor do I have a sparkling petite allegro. Aim for being a memorable dancer. There are so many good "technicians" out there that if that's all you can do, you won't be special. Keep on trying! :) (and stretching :D )

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