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Um... this question may have been asked before but I couldn't find any topics on it. So here it goes: how does RAD compare to other syllibus'? I mena, I have heard people say that while the french system is known for its strong technique and russian for its regal carriage and port de bras, the english RAD syllibus is less sought after. Why is this so? Do companies tend not to prefer RAD training? How does it differ technically from other systems?

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I don't know how things are in the UK regarding RAD, but worldwide, RAD is a sought-after credential, to the point where some unscrupulous people fake it! A dancer who has been fully and properly trained in the RAD curriculum is just as employable as any in the world. RAD is a method based historically on Cecchetti, but has incorporated other influences in the years since its foundation.

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All of the recognized "methods", or syllabi, are good. The question is whether the teaching is good or not. With a really good teacher, it doesn't matter which method. With a poor teacher, it also doesn't matter, as the method won't work.

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