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Doesn't it make you feel good..


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One of the advanced girls took our beginner/intermediate pointe class because she is recovering from an injury. At our break between barre and center she came up to me and said "I don't know your name, but I wanted to tell you, that your dancing has improved so much from the last time I saw you"


That just made my day. It was a rough barre (pointe barre, not a technique barre) I was called to stand in front of the class and watch, so that I could tell the teacher what they were all doing that I wasn't. But even still, most of the class has been on pointe since the summer (or even a full year before that!) and I started in January- I do think I'm improving.


I wonder if she changed her mind when I slipped trying to pique in center and fell on my butt :shrug: Oh well, at least I get to pique in center en pointe!

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Guest sally-mandy

Good for you Skittl. It's humbling how much a word from someone else brightens my day in a class. I hang on every positive word I get from my teacher. I don't very often get them from the other students. Glad you did!

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