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DVD/Videos: NYC Ballet Workout

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Perhaps it's time to change schools?

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I am thinking of buying the NYCB Workout...but am undecided about which volume to buy. Is Volume I or II best?


IMHO, Volume 1 is the one to go for if you have to make a choice. If you can afford it, get them both.

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I agree, volume 1 is the best, but they are both good! :D From little_dancer123 x

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Get both the book AND the disc. It works better that way.

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It depends on how much experience you have, too. I got the vol 1. workout with absolutely no prior experience. The first thing I did was injure myself by attempting to copy the perfect turn-out of the dancers in the video (I planted my feet at 180 degrees). I also developed a few bad habits which subsequently took a while to shed when I started proper classes. (lifting my shoulders, staring at my feet, sitting in plie, etc)

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Thanks guys! I will try to get the book to, I know it wouldn't hurt, and would be well worth the money.


As for experience, I do have some. Not as much as others, but enough for this to be helpful and not destructive to me. =]

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I just bought a combined DVD (1 and 2) of ebay. Haven't got it yet though but it was similar prices one of the workouts on other sites.

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On a related note, is there anybody who's tried the NYCB workout AND the online ballet class that one of the members here was advertising a little while ago? The website (buy-a-class.com I think it was) had a sample plie exercise that seemed ok, but I'm wondering how the full class compares to the NYCB ones. I used to have the NYCB I and found it frustratingly slow with far too much talking, not at all like a real class. After a few times watching the video, I found it more efficient to look at the book and repeat the exercises I felt I needed.

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Um, I don't think the NYCB workouts are really supposed to be a straight-forward ballet class, I always thought they were more of a conditioning thing. :angry: I have the NYCB workout 2. :)

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Wow, HORRIBLE in all caps???? Please elaborate on what is so awful about these videos, love4dance47. I think we'd all like to know.....

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I'd just like to make a suggestion...If you think you're going to eventually buy both DVD's, buy them together. The package with both is only a couple of dollars more than getting ONE individually.

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