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Does anyone know about their half/day training program?




-Daily Schedule and total hours/week

-Performance opportunities

-Is there a regular academic program or is it not as intensive?

-What is the atmosphere like?

-Class size

-Are there favorites or does everyone get equal corrections?


Anybody who can answer any of these that would be very helpful!


Thanks :jump:

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Hi les_sylphides_,


Sorry that I wasn't able to reply earlier...work has been very hectic. My personal experience with Goh Ballet is rather old, so I can't give you current information about the half day program; however, I can give you some solid information about the logistics of the program.


First, I am sure that you have looked at their website (recently updated and now easy to navigate). Just in case you haven't, or for others, here is the link to the half day Goh half-day program. Many of the students that attend the Goh half-day program attend Magee Secondary School's SPARTS (Performing Athletic and Arts Program). Students in this special program go to high school in the morning and are released at noon to go to their respective training programs. It really is a wonderful program that allows students time to work on their "Plan A" whilst maintaining a "Plan B." Magee Secondary School.


I would suggest that you call the Goh Academy to inquire about their program. They will be able to give you accurate details about the number of students and the total hours per week. There are lots of different performing opportunities as evidenced by performace schedule. Their summer program, which runs between July 3rd and August 5th, would be a great opportunity to see if the program is a "good fit". The web says that video applications are accepted on an ongoing basis for both summer and the regular year. I would advise you to check it out.


Hope you found this helpful :shrug:. Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.




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:shrug: This is a very long post, replying generally to several PMs I have had regarding this program. There seem to be a few common threads among the PMs and I would like to address them here in case others have the same questions.


The Goh Academy has an international reputation far greater than the size or wealth of the school would indicate. This reputation is based on the results coming out of the school, due to the dedication of the teachers and students. I suspect some of you come from a lot richer studios with a lot more facilities. The Goh is housed in a heritage building in a not bad part of Vancouver. There are no luxurious lounges, more like Hogwartish nooks and crannies. I and my kids love the building, but I live in an 1870's house and my kids think it is normal to have separate hot and cold faucets. I think a place where the washroom cubicles are made of slab marble and the walls are still plaster is seriously cool, but some people are used to newer buildings.


The building has two beautiful very high ceilinged dance studios on the main floor, three smaller studios upstairs, all excellent dance floors with great natural light everywhere, (beautiful tall windows in every studio and skylights everywhere), everything you could possibly need and a huge amount of character. The money that they spend is spent on teaching staff as good as any in the world and pianists that, to me, are as talented as the dancers coming out of the studio, as well as guest teachers and choreographers from around the world. There are no on site therapists, psychologists, etc.. There are extremely few administrative type staff, and when you consider what this school accomplishes, you will understand that they are extremely busy. Please appreciate that this school comes with none of the usual money makers like corporate or government grants or lower standard general courses and they put everything they have into what is the most important, the dance training of the students. No, they do not arrange activities or babysit outside of the school, they really do not have the staff for that.


The Goh Academy is a ballet school which trains students to the highest standard in the world. It covers every aspect of the training, including ballet history, quick grasp of new choreography, classical repertoire, corps work and performance. Students of the Goh Academy may also dance with the Goh Youth Ballet. This (in the days when Chan Hon Goh danced in it) was a professional ballet company, it is now a youth company but the standards are extremely high, the choreography is brilliant, they tour more than lots of professional companies, and they have a great many performances every year. We in BC are very proud of them and grateful to have them and deeply regret the lack of money that keeps them from being a professional company again and keeps us from watching the students grow in their future dance careers.

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Thanks for the information, G2B4. We live pretty close to Vancouver and have done some research on this school. But it is always good to hear from an insider. Do you know what percentage of the student body at Goh are from the US? Also if a student is from the US, are they able to attend the academic school program? (We will get info from Goh eventually, I just wondered if you knew.)


My dd's regular ballet school is state of the art. But she realized this summer that it isn't the studio so much as the teaching that's the important thing. :wink:

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Good morning, Rhapsody! I think there are about two Americans per level of the half day program ... out of maybe 20? The Goh is a very international program, most of the teachers are from the Beijing Ballet but they have guest teachers from around the world and the kids are from Japan, China, Ukraine, Brazil, everywhere really, and yes, the states! I very much like it as I think the kids are very friendly and close to each other and I think it has a lot to do with them being away from home and working so hard in a foreign country.


Yes, they can either home school, arrange their own academics with a school they like, or have Goh arrange for them to go to Magee. If you look at the Magee site Allegrafan posted I think it says they must be registered some time in March but they make exceptions for Goh kids all the time. Details of their SPARTS program are on page 42 of their course calendar. This is a really excellent school in a brand new building (state of the art! :unsure: ). They offer the standard BC curriculum, but extremely "dressed up" in my opinion. They turned the usual home ec sewing class into a design program you would have a hard time beating in most post secondary schools, they have a theatre most Canadian towns would envy, they have a great program called Mainstage for serious acting students (way above the regular theatre program which they also have), on and on, really an awesome school but of course the SPARTS kids barely get to see it! The person to talk to about this program is vice principal Ellen Mogyorosi, she is very helpful and will be able to tell you what you would need to do to obtain a US diploma or if there are any issues with going back and forth. Someone mentioned that american kids need US history in high school which of course we don't teach ... if there are any problems like that I'm sure she'll help you work it out, others are doing it and she is not the type to let you come up with any unpleasant surprises when it comes time to apply for universities.

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Hi les_sylphides_


Daily Schedule and total hours/week: monday - friday


Monday : 1 hour warmup

1 1/2 hour ballet class

1 1/2 hour pointe class


Tuesday: 1 hour warmup

1 1/2 hour ballet class

1 hour pointe class


Wednesday: 1 hour warmup

1 1/2 hour ballet class

1 1/2 hour pointe/mens class


Thursday: 1 hour warmup

1 1/2 hour ballet class

1 1/4 hour pdd/pointe variation class


Friday: 1 hour warmup

1 1/2 hour ballet/pointe class

1 1/4 body conditioning class


Saturday: 1 1/2 hour ballet class

5 1/4 hour perfomance workshop (only in the pieces you are in)



-Performance opportunities: There are 50 performances already booked this year for the full/half day students, but casting is rotated.


-Is there a regular academic program or is it not as intensive?: Please see posts above from G2B4 and allegrafan, both of whom have covered it.


-What is the atmosphere like?: Very friendly.


-Class size: About 20 kids each in halfday B and A


Please let me know if you have any more questions! :grinning:

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Do you have an idea of the daily schedule for the professional level? Any older HS students in that level who are finishing their diploma work independently?

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The halfday schedule that I posted for halfday A and B is the professional program for people still in school. There is also the fullday program for people who have already graduated. I don't know the schedule, but I think it is twice as much dancing (a lot more rehearsal). Halfday students go to school in the morning. Also, the fullday program is the Goh Ballet company - halfday students dance some shows with them but not all. They do a lot of touring, some of it international, and a LOT of performing. The 50 shows is just the beginning of this year's schedule. If you want to do solo(s) (like competitions, etc.), that is extra dancing and rehearsal. :P


If s/he is still interested in the full day program, I can try and find out the schedule when I go back to the studio next week, but I think it would be almost impossible to try and graduate while attending the fulltime program. But if s/he wants to try, s/he should audition for the company, and if s/he gets in, discuss it with the Gohs.

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Answers: (I know these are really old questions but anyways);

Getting into the program is not too difficult, they accept people without the cookie cutter body type as long as they see "something" in you.

Scholarships are available but are genaerally not awarded at the beginning of the year as far as I know, other scholarships can be recieved through competitions and seminars that students are encouraged to participate in.

Tuition fees are about 4500 CAD for the year (that is off the top off my head so I'm not too sure) but then you have to add the cost of homestaying, usually 700 CAD a month, schooling for international students at the public schools (1250 CAD per month... ridiculous), pointe shoes, private coaching fees, RAD exam fees, competition fees e.t.c depending on what you do. Very expensive but very worthwhile if you make the most out of it.

It is a school intended for serious dancers who want to improve and have a career in dance. Students must be completely committed due to the amount of rehearsals and so on that can really add up however, it is a really,really good school with a hard working, friendly atmosphere, excellent training and teachers.

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Are any post-grad students at the Goh Ballet also taking college courses? Are there a large number of post-grad students? This thread has been very helpful...thanks to everyone who has posted! :)

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No and not really. This year there were about 20 post grad students. Circa 8 in one level and 12-14 in the other level although often classes are combined. Technically you could take college courses although online would be preferable as the rehearsal schedules tend to go crazy during the year, some girls take the full-day program and do high school courses online. Next year is going to be a little different as it looks like the both post grad levels are going to end earlier in the day instead of the usual 4:30 or later. Tuition this year is about 7650 CAD for the post grad program.

Three classes a day and then rehearsals, lots of performing opportunities both large -touring Nutcracker/ television programs/ large full lengths every couple of years as well as tours to China or else where, June production, local community performances, demonstrations, competitions, and performances in local schools... The year gets very busy!

If you come with solid technique and body type you will definitely have a lot of opportunities to "build" your repertoire and artistry, do large competitions YAGP, Prix de Lausanne, Genees, Varna. The school does tend to push things to the extreme so you have to be able to have a very good foundation.

It is now possible to apply for scholarships, there is also a scholarship "audition" at the end of the year.

Also there is an assessment at the end of the year. All of the vocational R.A.D exams are encouraged for students in the younger half-day program.

Hope this helps. =)

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Hello :) It's been about two years since somebody posted here :( Can somebody tell how many levels are in the half-day program? What is the average age group in PA1 level? Thank you.

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