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I may be able to help. What would you like to know??

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Thanks, Iceberg*lover. Do you know what the level of training is like for the full day Senior Division? Is this a fairly intense program that can help older dancers (17+) "polish" up their technique and prepare them for trainee/apprentice programs? Is the Goh Youth Ballet the senior division? How selective is the year round?

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Hmm, I will try and answer you questions the best I can!

My daughter is in the half day program, from what she has told me about the full day/youth company is that a lot of the dancers are there for a finishing year or two.(lots of international students!) I am not sure if all the dancers in the full day program are in the youth company. I would suspect that the level of training for the more senior dancers is of a very high standard, as my dd is experiencing intense training herself. I can't really speculate on the selectivity.

You could always call/email the office if the website doesn't answer your questions. As well, the summer program would give your daughter an idea of what the year round is like. My dd loves training at the Goh it has been a fabulous experience for her.

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Dear iceberg*lover



I am wondering if since your daughter is currently in the HalfDay program you would have an idea of the average age or school grade level(HIgh school or Jr) of the students in PA1? Or what is the difference between PA1 and PA2? Thanks.

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I think PA1 kids are about 14-17 yrs old, with the majority being on the younger side. I don't think there are any jr high grades in the half day program, but I could be wrong.The half day academic program at the high school only starts at grade 8. I believe PA2 is a higher level than PA1. Don't ask me what PA and PB means, though!! LOL


Hope that helps, somewhat.

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