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I am so excited because I have just recently ordered an i-pod nano. This was a difficult decision because I struggle to spend money on things like that, even if they benefit me greatly. For those of you who have i-pods, how has it impacted your relationship to ballet?

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I don't have an ipod but a similiar mp3 player. It really hasn't impacted my ballet life, except now instead of sitting quietly and knitting during "waiting time" at rehearsals I now sit quietly, knit and listen to music during "waiting time" at rehearsals :ermm:

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I find it easier to get to class sometimes, when I can listen to podcasts or music on the way and so the travel time feels like less of waste of time :ermm:


When I got mine, I thought I'd listen to music while stretching but in fact I have not, much, only sometimes when I am so tired the dressing room chatter bothers me.


Podcasts, by the way, are a brilliant thing. I can get extremely good quality radio programs to the ipod for free and listen to them wherever, whenever I want! I regularly listen to some, and in multiple languages too. That's just so great.

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I love Ipods because I love music, before I had hundreds of CDS everywhere!!

Within six months of having mine I had close to one thousand songs on it - from my classical ballet syllabus music to hiphop and heavy metal! B)

I think I have music of every genre possible - very diverse, great for different moods. Just listening to certain tracks can motivate me and help me feel positive, especially good for on the way out in the mornings.

I have the stereo system for mine which is tiny and lightweight it charges it too and because its so small its very transportable.


Ipod has definately helped with ballet, as I quite often listen to the syllabus music and visualize myself doing the exercises - sometimes I even do the exercises - haha :ermm:

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My boyfriend bought me an ipod for christmas and it is my favorite thing right now. I have only had it for a couple of months but I was thinking of putting some "barre" music on there. The good thing is that you can make playlists and put the songs in any order you want. I checked out itunes for ballet music though and it is seriously lacking. :) I also listen to podcasts on my travels to class too. I love them!

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There is some ballet music on itunes, but it's more the classic rather than for barre :)

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I just got my i-pod last night, and I love it! The first thing I did was put together a 15-minute pre-ballet warm-up routine. You can do a lot in 15 minutes if you have the music to carry you through and keep you focused. Being one to get overstimulated pretty easily, I also believe it will be helpful for managing the overwhelming stimulation of the city. I live right above the "L" and two fire stations in Chicago. Eek! It will be nice to listen to classical music at home to tune out all the noise. Noise jars my soul. Perhaps I will feel less taxed going into ballet because of my i-pod.

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Guest pink tights

I so love my ipod. It has all kinds of music on it: Antonio Carolos Jobim, Astrud Gilberto (excellent bosso-nova), beloved ballet music (Romeo and Juliet, Don Q.), The Clash, David Bowie, and show music! Lots of show music: Chorus Line, Fosse, Chicago, & Phantom (Broadway not the movies). Great music to dance to--not just ballet!


I'm not dancing to Phantom--just singing along, BADLY, in my car....

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I have two problems with my Ipod (which was a birthday gift which will keep on giving....)


1. I have to remember not to sing/hum along wherever I am, which is usually in public/semi-public spaces - especially on the bus to and from London.


2. I have to fight the urge to get up and dance....


Now what I do at home, or when everyone else has left the office, is a completely different story.... but it kinda looks like a combination of....


:party: and :yawn: and :blushing:





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I usually dance whereever...who cares if people look at me funny. ;) As long as they don't try to commit me, I'll keep doing it when I feel the urge. LOL!

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Oh I love my ipod too. It's done two things for my dancing - listening to a lot more music altogether while travelling on the tube etc (including classical, which I've never learnt much about) - and putting together a playlist so I can do a mini-barre at home or in hotel rooms when I travel. I bought a couple of ballet class albums on itunes and also borrowed a class cd to feed into my computer. Some people complain about everyone being plugged into earphones all the time but I think it's great that there's so much more music being listened to and we can be in a better mood while putting up with the hassle of commuting. And then there are podcasts too, all those great programmes I never hear otherwise because I'm working and fascinating stuff like the Scientific American one......

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I don't have an Ipod, but just a regular MP3 player.


Having music in such a lightweight and easy-to-wear form has really helped me in terms of being motivated to do my strengthening exercises (abs, pilates, other calisthenics) more vigorously and more often. I have some ballet / classical music on there, but usually use pop or rock for my exercises. So that is good! I really love mine. You are going to love it. :)

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Good idea Daniil



I have the Ipod,

now if I can just get the opportunity to join a performance :D

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