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Dancewear Solutions?

Guest Eparkes

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Let me tell you something:


I have purchased my leotards online from Discount Dance supply ( www.discountdance.com ) They have always fit WONDERFULLY. AND discount dance ships fast. Hint: order from discount dance through amazon.com (go to amazon.com, search for the dance style you want, maker, whatever) to get a lower shipping rate, if you're just buying one leotard or only one thing of jet glue! :)

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I ordered 2 leos for my DD and the person was very nice and the leos came when they were promised (I was taking them to her and had to have them on a certain day). Their return policy is very strict, you will want to read it before you order.

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I was thinking the same thing a while ago! I think as far as buying things, they're good, but in both their catalogs I noticed that they mixed up the images for a whole bunch of pointe shoes! Most of the pictures were matched with the wrong model names, so if you're considering buying pointes, be careful - I don't know if they're really clueless as to which models are which or there was a mix up. You wouldn't want to end up with the wrong shoes.



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I ordered a leotard from there once, and it came in meduim instead of small like I had ordered. That may have just been a mistake though.

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Guest crayonsdeluxe

they are generally very reliable for leotards and other things, but they once mixed up my pointe shoes and i ended up with four pairs of the wrong kind of shoe :wacko:

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I just ordered some dance stuff from Dancewear Solutions! :thumbsup:


I hope everything comes in on time and they send the right stuff! :) I never ordered anything from them before but I decided to go for it because the prices were right and it seems like a legitimate place to buy from.


I usually buy my dance stuff from Discount Dance Supply though and I always have great service and the stuff usually comes in alot faster then I expect it to. :blushing: Except this time the stuff I needed wasn't sold at Discount Dance Supply and the stuff at Dancewear Solutions seemed very inexpensive.


Anyways I'll let you guys know how that goes! :innocent:

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I order stuff all the time from dance wear solutions nd have never had a problem

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So far my only problem with them, while I'm waiting for my package to arrive, is that on Discount Dance Supply you get to make an account and from there you can see if they recieved your order, see when they shipped it, track your package's progress as it makes it's way across the country, and see exactly what day it will arrive. :D


Dancewear Solutions has none of that, you can't even log in or anything! :thumbsup: I'm stuck here wondering if they even shipped it yet and spending my day around the mailbox wondering if the UPS guy is going to show up! Then I just know that the one day I quit waiting around for it, the UPS guy is gonna come and leave me a nice note that states I wasn't around for the package, therefore if I do indeed want it he'll show up sometime in the middle of next week. :dry:


Or if the above situation doesn't happen I'll wait around for about two weeks before I actually decide to call them up and get some horrible sales person who'll either inform me they never recieved the order or plan to ship it sometime around next month. :yucky:


Oh how awful is waiting and not knowing what is going on! :D Sorry about the longish rant, but as you can probably tell I am somewhat fustruated.

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I really like Discount Dance too, they're consistently reliable and responsive.


I ordered some sale items from Dancewear Solutions a few months ago. The package arrived quickly, but a skirt was sent in the wrong (but close) color. Dancewear Solutions was apologetic and said they would issue a UPS call tag, but it took a few calls to really set this in motion, and I finally gave up trying to exchange it. While very kind on the phone, I was never really sure what was happening, and emails were never answered at all.

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Dancewear Solutions was reliable when I've used them. I prefer ordering from Dance Distributors or Discount Dance first, but I have been able to get some things at Dancewear Solutions when the item has been back ordered on the other two sites!

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